‘Below Deck’ Kate Chastain Sees Ben Robinson Like A Brother

'Below Deck' Kate Chastain Sees Ben Robinson Like A Brother [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]

Below Deck alum Kate Chastain says she considers Ben Robinson like a brother. Their relationship has changed over the years. As fans recall, the two hooked up during their early days on the yachting series. Though fans liked Kate and Ben together, they never became an item.

Kate lost out on Ben once he dated Emily Warburton-Adams, also from the show. Ben and Kate eventually became friends. These days, they’re neighbors who live in the same condo building. She admits that living next to her former co-star has its advantages.

Below Deck: Ben Robinson & Kate Chastain's Friendship [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]

Ben Robinson scared her date away

Former Below Deck star Kate Chastain made an appearance on the Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister podcast. She dished on her unlikely friendship with Ben. Sometimes Kate will send one of her dates to his apartment so he can scare them away. There was one time when a date wouldn’t leave her place.

“I was like, ‘Tonight was fun but I’m not really looking to have company for the night.’ And he’s like, ‘Well, I did drink some sake, so I think you won’t mind if I stay over,'” she revealed on the Wednesday, May 18 episode. “And I was like, ‘Oh!’ And I had been texting Ben like, ‘This guy won’t leave.’ And I was like, ‘I hope you’re awake because I’m knocking on the door.'”

Below Deck: Ben Robinson Scared Kate Chastain's Date Away [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
Kate brought her date to Ben’s condo. The former Below Deck Med star was hosting a business dinner. Kate made herself at home and got a drink. Then her date finally took a hint.

He headed to the door in a hurry. He told her that he had to go and she waved him off. She walked up to Ben and wondered what he did to scare her date. She called the scene “very cute” and compared him to “a protective brother.”

Below Deck alum have a brother-sister relationship

Kate admitted that the former Below Deck crew members are more like brother and sister these days. Ben lives in the condo with his girlfriend. She’s met her before and likes her a lot. However, it was Ben’s friends, not Ben himself, who scared her date away.

“His friends were like, you know, my friend over there doesn’t like you,” Kate said. “And his brother over there, he really doesn’t like you. They’re like, cracking their knuckles.”

The scene got so tense that one of his friends said he would end up in a headlock. That’s when he decided to leave. Kate joked that it’s never a good sign when she introduces her dates to Ben. She compared their friendship to a love-hate, brother-sister relationship.

Kate and Ben first met on Below Deck. They’ve been friends for 10 years, as long as the original series. Somehow, they both ended up living next to each other in Florida. She had no idea they would cross paths in an unlikely way.

“I feel like we’re twin brother and sister,” Kate continued. “Like we’re competitive with each other, but we also always somehow end up next to each other. So it’s not weird at all.”

Kate and Ben were good friends on Below Deck, but could never have a boatmance. She worked as a chief stew, while Ben was the galley chef. Their egos made for a terrible match. What are your thoughts on Kate’s friendship with Ben? Sound off below in the comment section.

Below Deck Season 10 will air sometime in Fall 2022.

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  1. I think Kate is fibbing about the attraction she has toward Ben. I believe her baby is Ben ‘s and he moved her into his condo building so he could see the baby anytime he was in town. She got her Sugar Daddy & kid, Ben got a part-time family and kiddo. Win -Win for both of them, well at least for Kate.

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