‘Below Deck’ Kate Chastain Admits To Being ‘The Worst’ Chief Stew

Below Deck Kate Chastain Admits To Being The Worst Chief Stew [Credit: Kate Chastain/Instagram]

Below Deck alum Kate Chastain is laying it all out there. She’s reflecting back on her career as a chief stew. The OG also explained what she’s been up to since leaving it all behind. In February 2021, Kate left the popular Bravo series. She left the high seas for sunny pastures.

Her new career includes wild animals rather than chaotic charter guests. Kate opened up about her career as a chief stew. She admits that she was one of “the worst,” even though fans beg to differ. Below Deck fans are still waiting for the perfect person to take over the legacy she left.

What is Kate Chastain up to these days?

Kate revealed what she’s been up to since leaving the Bravo show behind. She had a brief stint as a co-host and producer of Bravo’s Chat Room. Every so often, she pops up on Below Deck: Galley Talk. The former chief stew has taken on many new positions.

Kate was a part of the OG series for six seasons. Fans want to know what she’s been up to these days and how she’s making money. Kate keeps her life interesting with different projects. What’s also a plus is that she’s still part of the Below Deck family.

[Credit: Kate Chastain/Instagram]
[Credit: Kate Chastain/Instagram]
She appears Below Deck: Galley Talk with Chef Ben Robinson. The two talk about past seasons of the show. Kate often promotes the spinoff series on social media. Her Instagram post encouraged fans to watch the latest episode, which was New Year’s Eve themed.

Just don’t expect Kate and Ben to kiss at midnight. Ben has since moved on with a new girlfriend that he lives with. Kate’s been dating around, but she hasn’t found that perfect person yet. In a new interview, she revealed that her new career in event planning combines her skills as a chief stew while working with elephants, flamingos, and other wild animals.

Below Deck star thinks she’s “the worst” chief stew?

In that same interview, Kate talked about her former career. She even admitted that she wasn’t a great chief stew. But it’s not what you think. Kate revealed that the beginnings of her career were rough because she couldn’t handle the physical demands of the job.

“When I started, I was not good,” Kate Chastain explained. “I was the worst 3rd stew ever, I was like, ‘You want me to work more than eight hours?'”

[Credit: Kate Chastain/Instagram]
[Credit: Kate Chastain/Instagram]
She even had to apologize to a chief stew for acting like “such a brat.” Thankfully, she found her footing as a chief stewardess. Some fans would say that she was one of the best. But she made her share of mistakes, like her towel origami skills in Season 3.

Below Deck returns on Monday, January 3 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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