‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Family Demands More Money From TLC?

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1000-Lb. Sisters is currently airing Season 4 and the family is reportedly demanding more money from TLC. The current season is documenting Tammy Slaton’s weight loss journey in the rehab facility and Amy Halterman’s second pregnancy. Season 4 also follows Tammy’s new love Caleb Willingham and their marriage that happened last year. Yet, why is the cast of the popular TLC show demanding more money? Keep reading to find out the details!

TLC Makes The Cast Pay For Everything

Since the show first kicked off in 2020, fans have been wondering how much the TLC stars get paid for appearing on the reality show. Although no one in the family has ever revealed the real numbers, insiders claim that they don’t get paid a lot. Now that they are four seasons in and the show is a success, they are demanding more from TLC.

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Although reports earlier claimed that TLC pays for the expensive surgeries that the sisters get done on the show, new reports suggest otherwise. As reported exclusively by The Sun, Tammy Slaton has been paying for her stay in the rehab with the salary she gets from TLC. The 36-year-old makes about $2,000 to $3000 per episode. This brings down her total for a 10-episode season to $20,000 to $30,000.

Amy Halterman Gets The Highest Salary From TLC

Given that her obese status requires her to get a lot of medical attention, she has been using up all her earnings to pay her healthcare bills. She has paid for the entire 14 months of her rehab stay on her own without TLC’s help. Moreover, in the latest season, Tammy has been given the longest screen time which calls for a higher payment.

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On the other hand, Amy Halterman, Chris Combs, and Amanda, all feel that they can make more money if they end their current contract with the network. Amanda, who became a part of the TLC show in Season 3, makes just $700 per month for her appearances. Among all the cast members, Amy is the one who takes up the highest salary. This is because of the add-on contracts TLC has with her sons Gage (2) and Glenn (7 months).

1000-Lb. Sisters Cast Are Discussing A Possible Spin-Off Show

Given that all of them have signed contracts with TLC, they cannot accept any other commercial opportunities. So, they have to rely only on the salary they make from the show. If reports are to be believed, a source close to Tammy revealed that the family is currently discussing a possible spin-off show with another production company.

Tammy Slaton Amy Halterman YouTube 1000-Lb. Sisters TLC

[Source: YouTube]

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  1. That’s a Damn shame for TLC to even put them n a position where they want and need more money,these reality shows goes n2 there lives and show how they are living without meeting their financial needs! I feel that is disgusting 😭😭

  2. they need to get pay more money, all the nasty comments they get from random people, they open their homes and, their every day struggles! they need to be compensated .

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