‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Amy Halterman Reveals Origin Of Glenn’s Name

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In the latest episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Amy Halterman revealed the name of baby number two. She and Tammy Slaton went on their channel to share the big news. Amy also shared the origin of her son’s name, as well. So, how did she and her husband, Michael settle on Gage’s brother’s name? Read on for more details.

1000-Lb. Sisters Amy Halterman Reveals Origin Of Glenn’s Name

Amy Halterman is expecting baby number two with her husband, Michael. They are having another son so Gage will have a baby brother. To make it fun for their fans and followers, Amy and her sister, Tammy went on their channel. They decided to reveal the name of baby number two. First, Amy tried to get Tammy to guess and she let her sister know that it was from a television show. This made Tammy frustrated because she does not have cable so she did not want to play anymore.

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Finally, Amy held up a sign that read “Glenn.” She shared that it should not be a surprise at all as she named her kids after television characters. This one was for Glenn from The Walking Dead. Admittedly, Amy loves horror so this name fits perfectly. She went on to add that the doll, Chucky, also named his son Glen and Johnny Depp’s character in A Nightmare On Elm Street was Glen. Therefore, this moniker was a no-brainer for Amy.

Glenn, The Walking Dead

Sadly, Tammy was not in the mood to hear much of the story so she turned off the chat between herself and Amy. To that, Amy Halterman called her sister a b*tch and said she needed a “b*tchorcism” instead of an exorcism. Clearly, Tammy still felt defeated about all that had gone on in her life with gaining weight and then Lil Bit passed away. She had no idea that her home had been robbed just yet which she would soon learn from her sisters, Amanda and Misty.

What If It Were A Girl?

Though Amy Halterman revealed her boy’s name, one might wonder what she would have named a little girl. She has expressed how badly she wanted a girl. Then, when they went to the doctor and learned that she was having another boy, Amy was less than thrilled. She even stretched out her arms to show her level of disappointment. However, now that Glenn is here, she cannot help but love on both him and Gage as much as she can. Next week, she will go into labor with her new baby.

Are you surprised that horror characters inspired Amy Halterman’s baby’s name? Let us know in the comments and watch 1000-Lb. Sisters Tuesdays on TLC.

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