‘Love After Lockup’ Are Justine & Michael Still Together?

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Love After Lockup couple Michael and Justine have been making waves. He just got released from prison and already and his bride is expecting. This baby makes number eight for the couple combined. They have a lot of hurdles in front of them. Plus, the preview of them on Life After Lockup does not bode well for the duo. So, where do they currently stand? Read on for more details.

Love After Lockup Are Justine & Michael Still Together?

Justine and Michael got married on Love During Lockup and it spilled over to Love After Lockup. From the moment he got released, he was ready to lock his wife down. They wanted to immediately get pregnant and start expanding their family. Furthermore, Michael was adamant that his bride quit her very stable job, with benefits, so she could stay at home. In his mind, he was going to head back into the studio and become a music superstar. Additionally, he was starting to create a shoe line so he felt that he had it all set.

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Then, Justine discovered that she was pregnant with her fourth child bringing their collective kid total to eight. Right after, she quit her job without giving any notice. Her mother was infuriated as she felt this was all too soon and they did not have a proper plan in place. Additionally, previews for Life After reveal that Justine is having second thoughts about the marriage. It is one thing to be in love with your partner behind bars but now they are in the real world and everything is different.

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The big question is have they made it past Love After Lockup and found true happiness? According to Justine’s Instagram, she and Michael are still blissfully in love. They are expecting their first baby together in July and she promotes his projects on her social media. Her latest post shows him standing behind her, cradling her baby bump.

Fans have a lot of questions about the timeline as the month of December keeps coming up but the baby is due in July. Justine reminds followers that Michael was released in October so it all aligns perfectly plus the show s not live.

The Journey Continues

There will be more from the Love After Lockup couple starting next week. After Friday, February 17th’s season finale, the season premiere of Life After Lockup premieres. There, they will be joined by current cast members Nathan/Skylar, Aris/Cameron, and Monique/Derek. Plus, ghosts from the show’s past will also resurface so it should be an exciting time.

Are you shocked that Justine and Michael are still together? Do you think it will last? Let us know in the comments and watch the season finale of Love After Lockup Friday on WeTV.

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