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‘Love After Lockup’: What’s Nathan & Skylar’s Current Status?

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Love After Lockup newbies Nathan and Skylar seem destined to fail. She has a seriously troubled and tainted past whereas Nathan is extremely jealous. Together, they are like oil and water together and after last week’s episode, it appears that they might be over for good. So, what is their current status now that the season is done filming? Read on for more details.

Love After Lockup: What’s Nathan & Skylar’s Current Status?

When Skylar was finally released from prison, all Nathan could see was building a future with her. They had spent time together prior so this was something they knew clicked. However, two of the men she had been with before had passed away so everyone was super cautious around Nathan. Plus, he had been locked up, as well so they both had to try to stay on the straight and narrow. Things immediately hit a snag when Skylar and her friend went to get their hair done but she could not reach Nathan.

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She assumed the worst but he was simply sleeping. Then, on last week’s episode of Love After Lockup, Nathan and Skylar went to dinner but things went awry. She chose to take a FaceTime call from a male friend while they were eating. This caused Nathan to rage and ultimately left her at the restaurant. Finally, they left together but it seemed like it was over despite the fact that he had bought her an engagement ring. So, do they end up surviving?

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According to Distractify, the Love After Lockup couple appears to still be together as of now. Their Instagram profiles reflect where they are at in their romance. Apparently, despite Skylar’s being set to private, her bio has Nathan’s name in it and she says he is her “heart.” As for her beau, he also is showing that he still loves Skykar, as well. This is either a ploy for the show or they really are still together. The big question now is will fans see them in the next season of Life After Lockup?

Still Together?

One Love After Lockup couple from this season that is still together is Aris and Cam. They have gotten married and showcase their love on Aris’ Instagram. She even dedicated a whole reel to her “husband” for his birthday. This should not be a big surprise as they are planning their shotgun wedding in the current episodes. Last week, Aris even met Cam’s two super fun and feisty sisters. More so, the duo will appear in the upcoming season of Life After Lockup.

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Cam and Aris

Lindsey Downs will also be on there with her good friend-turned-boyfriend, Blaine. She shared that only five couples have been revealed thus far so will Skylar and Nathan be the next ones to make the cut? Only time will tell but for now, fans will just have to watch their “love” story continue to play out.

Are you surprised that Nathan and Skylar are still an item? Let us know and watch Love After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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