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‘Life After Lockup’ New Season Cast Revealed, Premiere Date

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Life After Lockup is going to premiere very soon and with that, the cast has been revealed. Of course, there will be some familiar faces and some that fans are probably over. Finally, some new cast members from the latest season of Love After Lockup are hopping aboard So, who is a part of the cast and when will the show premiere? Read on for more details.

New Cast Joining Life After Lockup

After the ending of Love After Lockup, some couples make it to Life After Lockup. Such is the case with these duos from the current season and you might be shocked as to who survived to the end. According to People, the first is Monique and Derek. Despite her not trusting him and him having a side chick, they’ve made it to another round. However, she will have gone home so their relationship will continue from afar. Yet, they will still have issues with his family. Next up are Justine and Michael but she is struggling with their relationship and ready to call the time of death. This is after they proceeded to wear matching outfits on repeat.

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Skylar, Nathan

Following Justine and Michael are Nathan and Skylar. They may have somewhat of a combative relationship but they seem determined to make it work. Aris and Cameron had been confirmed for the series a few weeks back when a screengrab of their wedding was leaked. Now, in the latest episode of Love After Lockup, they officially tied the knot. How will Cam’s family fare with the new marriage? That’s all for the newbies so what about those from the past?

Ghosts Of LAL Past

Returning for this go-round are Sara and Shawn. Last season on Life After Lockup, they got married even though they thought that their wedding would be destroyed by his ex-wife or his ex-fiancee, Destinie. It went off smoothly and they learned that they were having a baby girl who arrived, as well. However, things have taken a turn, and Sara lights his stuff on fire. Apparently, they both have secrets regarding exes and this causes major drama.

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Sara, Shawn

Next up are Chance and Tayler. At then end of the season, they learned that they were having a baby boy despite him making her take a paternity test. She is still reluctant to get married so Chance proceeds to claim he is single but he’s been keeping a secret that could be detrimental. Puppy and Amber are back again after a rough last season that included two traumatic pregnancy losses. What are the besties up to this year and will it be better?

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Once again, Brittany and Marcelino have returned but now they live in Florida. She was done with him last season when she declared she was leaving Vegas. In the end, it was revealed that he was coming with her. So same drama, different state. Finally, Lindsey Downs is back with her friend-turned-boyfriend, Blaine. Unfortunately, their relationship drastically shifts when he reveals secrets that could send him to jail. Soon  Lindsey questions if this situation is right for her.

Who will stay together and who will split up? More so, are you excited about this cast? Let us know and watch the season premiere of Life After Lockup premiering Friday, February 24 on WeTV.

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