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Christine Brown Has Someone To Dance In The Kitchen With

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Christine Brown is beaming with joy as tells her 1.1M Instagram followers she FINALLY has someone to wrap her arms around and dance with in the kitchen. The TLC personality uploaded a very brief clip of herself wrapping her arms around her bald and beautiful boyfriend, David Woolley as they danced together in the kitchen. While her face was only visible in the video for a quick second, she had a huge smile on her face.

Sister Wives fans admit the video clip gave them a nice view of the backside of Christine Brown’s new boyfriend. And, they put emphasis on the word “nice.” 

Christine Brown - Instagram
Christine Brown – Instagram

“I love having someone to dance with me in the kitchen,” Christine Brown penned in the caption she attached to the adorable clip. With her hashtags, she continued to refer to him as the love of her life. She also stated with her hashtags that she believed 2023 would be her year and that she was “finally happy.” 

Sister Wives fans react to Christine Brown’s dance partner

As Sister Wives fans know, Christine Brown’s ex-husband Kody loves to dance. He, however, isn’t very good at it. Moreover, his dancing always appears to be extremely aggressive. Fans have often worried Kody Brown was going to rip one of his wives’ arms off with the way he yanks and pulls while dancing.


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One of David Woolley’s children, Raegan, popped into the comment section to dote on how cute her father was with Christine. Here’s what some of Christine’s followers had to say about the video clip:

  • “This is very sweet and special!! Please just remember to protect your heart and money.”
  • “I LOVE this! I hope Janelle and Meri find someone for them to love too! This makes my heart smile.”
  • “LOVE looks good on you! So glad Truely will now have a decent male role model in her life”
  • “Now you’ll understand how plural marriage denied a woman of so much that she deserves.”
  • “This is what you deserve. Calm, attentive & gentle. So much better than a egotistical, aggressive or impulsive man.”

While a few fans continued to urge Christine to “be careful.” Others pointed out that David owned a drywall/construction company and could very much be the one with more money in the relationship. For the most part, however, fans were very happy for David and hoped things worked out for him.

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