‘Sister Wives:’ Janelle Brown Misses Trusting Her Body

Janelle Brown - Sister Wives

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown misses trusting her body. The 53-year-old has been feeling empowered after she started her fitness journey and announced her split from ex-husband Kody Brown. However, she also admitted that she wishes she could trust her body as she did when she was young. So, what has led to Janelle not trusting her body? Keep reading to find out the details!

Janelle Brown Gushes Over Her Flexible Grandson Axel

Currently, the TLC star is spending some quality time with her daughter Maddie Brush and her newborn baby Josephine. However, after she was back from the hospital, the mother of six spent some time with her grandkids, Axel and Evie. Janelle Brown couldn’t help but gush over how flexible and strong her grandson Axel is in a clip shared on Instagram on Monday.

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The clip showed young Axel jumping and squatting on the living room carpet. Janelle couldn’t help but notice how flexible kids are and wrote in the clip, “I’m amazed at the sheer athleticism of this kid! I wonder when we quit trusting and moving our bodies this way.”

Janelle Brown Was Drained Emotionally And Physically

While Janelle is all about self-love and fitness now, this wasn’t the case before her marriage with Kody Brown ended. For the longest time, Janelle has been robbed financially and mentally by both Kody and his favorite wife Robyn Brown. This drained her emotionally and physically for more than a decade. She never had time to herself and had to work while Robyn and Kody misused her hard-earned cash.

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Now, Robyn Brown is an owner of a big mansion while Janelle has no property on her own. She even had to live in the RV for quite some time while Kody ignored her requests to help her build her home.

Janelle Brown Was More Than 270 Pounds

After Christine Brown stepped up, Janelle too chose herself over Kody and is now on a healing journey. But the years of damage and unhealthy lifestyle have taken a toll on her body. Moreover, she regrets not trusting her body from a young age. However, the TV star feels it’s never too late to step up and take charge of one’s body. After her fitness trainer revealed that she weighed more than 270 pounds, she has been working hard to get back in shape with exercise and a balanced diet.

Janelle Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

So, it seems like Janelle Brown has started trusting her body once again and is motivated to be fit as a fiddle.

What do you think of Janelle Brown missing trusting her body? Do you think she looks happier now? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with TV Shows Ace for more on Sister Wives!

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  1. Kody is the one that made uncertain about her self and body and Sobyn poured the salt in the wound with her nasty comment about their bodies.
    Now look how she is getting fat and her body is not so tiny any more. Anew pretty and tiny wife will put her in her place.

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