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‘SW’ Fans Find Janelle Brown Mysterious And Alluring, Why?

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Sister Wives fans seem to find Janelle Brown both mysterious and alluring. Yet, what is it about Kody’s former second wife that gives off such a vibe? She seems to be quite honest and open about her feelings when she is frustrated or perturbed. Fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts. Read on for more details.

SW Fans Find Janelle Brown Mysterious And Alluring, Why?

It seems that fans have some thoughts about Janelle Brown. There are a lot of words used to describe her but now, alluring and mysterious are the key adjectives they have chosen for the mother of six. So, what has prompted fans to call her such things? She has always seemed pretty open and honest about her feelings, never holding anything back. Janelle even openly admitted that she would always choose her kids over her husband and has told Kody to F off when he went too far.

Janelle Brown/YouTube

A Reddit thread has been started and it begins with: “Janelle is such a mystery to me.” Fellow Redditors started to chime in with their thoughts, whether they agreed or not. “This is what a submissive wife looks like. Just being honest,” one noted. To be fair, Janelle was determined to make things work with Kody even after he admitted that he wanted her to be more like his fourth wife. In the Season 17 tell-all, her loyalty came up. Kody’s ex-wife Christine even noted that Janelle had been extremely loyal to Kody whether he saw it or not.

Janelle Brown/YouTube

To that comment, another fan added: “Right, many of these women came from polygamy or thus lifestyle or had bad relationships in the past. I never saw any romance or live between Cody and jannelle.” That was followed by: “One thing I always think about is that she did always bring up how stupid something was or how bad of an idea, she even vocalized resisting (like the moves) but at the end of the day she gets overruled.” This was probably what was her downfall and why she ended up parting ways with Kody after almost thirty years.

Better Off Alone

It seems that Janelle Brown is better on her own. She travels and is living outside the box, eating healthy, and keeping herself in shape. However, she still has a little bit of mystery surrounding her. No one knows exactly what is next for her or if this separation will lead to divorce between her and Kody. A lot of Redditors said that though they loved her, they found her very confusing. This also can be seen when she was the main breadwinner but was left with nothing to her name. It was sad but hopefully, she finds her way and a better life that truly makes her happy.

Do you find Janelle Brown mysterious in any way? Let us know in the comments below.

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