Courtney Waldrop Obsessed With Playing Dress Up?

Courtney Waldrop - YouTube

Is former Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop obsessed with playing dress up? It might look that way based on her latest social media posts. She’s often sharing photos of the various costumes she pulls together. See what the mom of nine is up to and what she’s shared about playing dress up lately.

Courtney Waldrop is always showing off her kids’ outfits.

If you follow Courtney on Instagram, you may know that she posts lots of photos of her kids in costumes. She is always dressing up the sextuplets for their theme days at school. Layke, Blu, Tag, Rivers, Rawlings, and Rayne are five years old now and are in pre-kindergarten. So far, they have had lots of opportunities to dress up for school.

Courtney also went all out with her family’s coordinating costumes for Halloween. They were Toy Story 3 characters for Halloween 2022. Now, Halloween may be long over, but Courtney Waldrop isn’t holding back when it’s time to play dress up.

Courtney Waldrop - YouTube
Courtney Waldrop – YouTube

On her Instagram Stories this week, Courtney revealed that her sextuplets participated in Fairytale Day at school. The girls wore matching dresses with red bows in their hair. The boys wore button-down shirts and held pretend axes in their hands. She shared that the boys were Woodsmen, while the girls were Little Red Riding Hoods.

Below, you can check out their coordinating costumes.

Courtney Waldrop - Instagram
Courtney Waldrop – Instagram

Is the former TLC star obsessed with playing dress up?

On her Instagram page, Courtney Waldrop shared the same photo again.

In response to her post, the former TLC star received a few comments about her always dressing her kids up. One fan asked, “Not trying to be rude but I wonder hope in the world you afford so many clothes?”

Another fan commented, “Isn’t it time for them to show their own personalities and stop dressing them alike?”

You can see the post below.

It’s unclear if this is a true obsession for Courtney Waldrop or if she just enjoys helping her kids participate in dress up days at school. Some fans might think she’s crazy about dressing the kids up because she’s done it since they were very young. But it’s possible she is simply going along with the themed days at their school.

She might also be making the most of these dress up days because she knows the kids are getting older and won’t want to participate in the future. It doesn’t look like Saylor, Wales, and Bridge wear costumes to school these days.

Regardless of why Courtney is always dressing her kids up, she and the sextuplets seem to be enjoying it. They’re usually smiling in the photos she shares of them in costumes.

So, do you think it seems like Courtney Waldrop is obsessed with playing dress up? Do you love the way she dresses the kids? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Waldrop family.

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