Courtney Waldrop Dressed Kids In Most Colorful Costumes Ever

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Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop proudly showed off her kids’ most colorful Halloween costumes ever. She put a ton of work in to pull off their amazing outfits. Scroll down to check them out and see what fans think.

With nine kids, Blu, Layke, Tag, Rawlings, Rivers, Rayne, Wales, Bridge, and Saylor, it’s no easy task to get everyone dressed and ready. For Halloween this year, the whole family stuck with one theme and found enough characters to use. And somehow, Courtney was able to get a few great photos of her whole family all dressed up too.

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Courtney Waldrop shows off her kids’ colorful Halloween looks.

On Instagram on Monday morning, the mom of nine shared a carousel of photos of her family in their Halloween costumes. The kids weren’t the only ones to participate though. Courtney and Eric also dressed up this year.

The Waldrop family went with a Toy Story 4 theme for 2022. Eric and Courtney Waldrop went all out as Ken and Barbie. Their oldest son, Saylor dressed up as Duke Caboom.

The twins, Wales and Bridge, were both Dummy-General ventriloquist dolls. Blu, Tag, and Layke dressed up as Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Forky. The girls, Rayne, Rivers, and Rawlings were Jessie, Gabby Gabby, and Bo Peep.

It looks like a lot of time and effort went into finding the perfect costumes for everyone and getting all of the kids dressed up. Courtney Waldrop said, “Eric and I never dress up. I love dressing the kids up and figuring out what they’re going to be…but this year we thought we would join in!! This was really so much fun!!”

You can check out the family photo below.

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans are blown away by the family’s costumes.

Courtney Waldrop’s social media followers are loving the family’s costumes. They can’t believe they were able to find enough well-known Toy Story 4 characters for the whole family to participate.

Fans are saying that the Waldrop family wins Halloween this year. Others are commenting that this is the best costume the Waldrops have ever done.

One of Courtney Waldrop’s Instagram followers says, “Best themed family costumes I saw this year, for sure! I hope y’all had a blast!”

So, what do you think of the Halloween costumes Courtney Waldrop pulled together for her kids? Do you love how it turned out? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Waldrop family.

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