Waldrop Kids Go Crazy With Paint

Waldrop Kids, Courtney Waldrop Instagram

The Waldrop kids are getting wild with paint this week! Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop gave fans a peek into her children’s latest activities and revealed that they have been doing quite a bit of painting lately. What are the kids up to, and how big are their messes?

The Waldrop sextuplets are almost five years old, so parenting is getting easier in some ways. But there are still plenty of challenges as they get older. Courtney happily takes fans along via social media as she raises her nine kiddos, Saylor, Wales, Bridge, Blu, Layke, Rayne, Tag, Rawlings, and Rivers.

Waldrop Kids, Courtney Waldrop Instagram

This week, things got a little wild with the Waldrop kids. They painted their pumpkins outside in the yard. Courtney shared an Instagram Reel of the full experience. It looks like the kiddos made quite a big mess. She admitted, “These overalls are definitely going to be put in the keepsake box…we had more paint on our clothes than anywhere else!!”

Courtney managed to keep a laid-back attitude despite the messes. She said, “The messier the better though….is what I always tell myself!!”

You can watch the Instagram Reel below. Courtney shared several video clips as the kids each decorated their own pumpkins. As you can see, the kids’ overalls are covered in paint. The mom of nine said that these are now being used as their painting overalls.

The Waldrop kids pitch in with another paint job.

After painting their pumpkins, the kids had another chance to paint. In another new Instagram Reel this week, Courtney revealed that her family was painting the chicken coop. And they decided to let the kids pitch in.

It looks like the Waldrop kids had a ton of fun painting the coop and getting messy too. You can watch the second Reel down below.

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans love Courtney’s parenting.

In the comments section of Courtney’s Instagram Reels, fans are talking about how she raises her kids and how great it is that she doesn’t really mind the messes. With nine kids, she must be used to it by now. Of course, there are bound to be all kinds of stained clothing and sticky faces.

One fan said, “I love that you let them just get messy it’s so fun!”

So, what do you think of the newest Reel of the Waldrop kids? Do you love how relaxed Courtney Waldrop is, despite the major messes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sweet Home Sextuplets updates.

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