Courtney Waldrop Acknowledges She’s A Broken Record

Courtney Waldrop - YouTube

Former TLC’s Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop is acknowledging the fact that she can be a broken record. The mom of nine wasn’t afraid to fess up and get real with her many Instagram followers in one of her recent posts. So, what does she mean? And how did fans react? Keep reading for all of the details.

On social media, fans typically enjoy Courtney’s posts about her kiddos. She’s always sharing their special moments and big milestones, but she doesn’t shy away from sharing the hard times too. Social media is a great way for fans to keep up with the Waldrops, especially now that Sweet Home Sextuplets has ended.

Of course, there are some things she shares about over and over again. She was quick to admit this about herself, but it sounds like this time, it was something worth repeating.

Courtney Waldrop - YouTube
Courtney Waldrop – YouTube

Courtney Waldrop admits that she’s a broken record.

In a new Instagram post on Thursday, Feb. 2, Courtney recognized a very important day in her family’s lives. She revealed that it’s been five years since Rawlings and Rivers were released from the NICU. They were the first of the sextuplets to go home. In her post, Courtney explained that she’s a broken record when it comes to this milestone, but she can’t help but share these photos. She said, “I know I always post these every year but always a special day to acknowledge!!”

Then, she added, “The first two to graduate!! 53 Days in the NICU. I’ll never forget this day…I was so very excited but also heartbroken to leave the other 4 behind!! But they just weren’t quite ready and Rivers and Rawlings were!!”

She went on to wish these two a “happy homecoming.” You can scroll through the wonde

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans react to this special milestone.

After checking out Courtney Waldrop’s latest post and seeing all of the precious photos, fans filled the comments section with lots of sweet comments. It looks like everyone is loving the adorable shots of Rivers and Rawlings and they don’t really mind the fact that Courtney shares the same pictures year after year. Someone said, “They are precious memories and I can see why you post them.”

Another fan chimed in, “Don’t apologize! I love seeing ALL your posts!!”

Below, you can check out Courtney’s post from the sextuplets’ fifth birthday in December 2022.

So, do you mind that Courtney Waldrop is a broken record when it comes to these types of posts? Can you believe it’s been five years since Rivers and Rawlings were discharged from the NICU? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Sweet Home Sextuplets family. Below, you can check out a precious TLC clip of Courtney and Eric welcoming all of their little ones home.

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