Embarrassed Sister Savannah Chrisley Feeds Chloe Ramen Noodle Dinner

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Embarrassed big sister Savannah Chrisley admits that she fed her younger sister Chloe a ramen noodle dinner recently. It was Chloe calling this quick and convenient dinner to Savannah the next day that was a real opener as she realized she needed to step up her game and do better for Grayson and Chloe.

Embarrassed big sister Savannah Chrisley feeds Chloe ramen noodles

At 25 years old, a single Savannah Chrisley has admitted to having baby fever more than a few times on social media. Fans, however, assume becoming a mother wasn’t something she saw in her near future. Unfortunately, her world turned upside down and she became a stand-in parent for her brother Grayson and her sister Chloe when both of her parents were sent to jail for bank fraud and tax evasion.

On a recent episode of her podcast, Savannah sat down with Toni Collier. During the podcast, she admitted it hasn’t been easy trying to juggle being both Grayson and Chloe’s big sister and their temporary parent. In fact, she questions if she’s even worthy enough to do the job as she doesn’t consider herself to be a fraction of the woman her mother Julie is.

Savannah Chrisley [Unlocked | YouTube]
[Unlocked | YouTube]
Savannah recalled Chloe reassuring her that she was doing a “good job” handling things and taking care of her. Chloe proceeded to mention that she even cooked ramen noodles for dinner the day before. Savannah explained it was at that moment that she realized she needed to do things differently and do things better.

So, she made the decision to sit down on Sunday with Grayson and Chloe and make a meal plan for the week. They would plan out what was for dinner every night. Then, they would get groceries and cook the planned meals. Savannah admits she didn’t want to be in the embarrassing position of feeding them ramen noodles for dinner ever again.

Toni Collier jokingly chimed in that she pictured Savannah telling Chloe not to tell anyone that she fed her a ramen noodle dinner.

Savannah Chrisley - Chloe Chrisley Youtube
Savannah Chrisley – Chloe Chrisley Youtube

Are ramen noodles unhealthy?

It goes without saying that ramen noodles are one of the easiest meals to prepare as they simply boil in water for a few minutes and they are ready to mix in the seasoning and eat. PerĀ WebMD, there isn’t anything inherently unhealthy about consuming ramen noodles. After all, they are simply noodles and a flavor packet. They, however, are very high in sodium and should be consumed in moderation.

WebMD notes that consuming ramen noodles too frequently can result in high blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. In moderation, the occasional ramen noodle meal, however, is unlikely to have caused any harm to Chloe or Grayson.

While speaking, Savannah did clarify that she wasn’t just feeding Chloe ramen. In fact, Chloe had a salad the same day she ate ramen noodles.

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