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Savannah Chrisley Updates On Chloe: How Is She Doing?

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The individual fans truly felt the sorriest for as Todd and Julie went to federal prison was their adopted daughter Chloe Chrisley. As fans who have followed the family closely know, Todd and Julie took on the responsibility of caring for Chloe Chrisley when she was very young. Initially, Todd did share custody of Chloe with her biological mother. Her biological mother, however, made some poor choices in life that resulted in her landing behind bars. And, Todd ended up taking sole custody of Chloe. While the details were not exactly made public knowledge, Todd and Julie Chrisley did end up adopting Chloe.

Up until Todd and Julie were convicted to collectively serve 19 years behind bars, fans weren’t really sure whether they just had full custody of Chloe or if they went through the motion of adopting her. This just wasn’t information that was made public. Todd and Julie’s lawyer, however, confirmed the couple did adopt Chloe when her biological mother surfaced following their sentencing of 12 and 7 years behind bars. At the time, Chloe’s biological mom made wild claims that she was making an effort to gain custody of her daughter once more given the situation Todd and Julie were in.

Chloe And Savannah Chrisley [Credit: Savannah Chrisley/Instagram]
[Credit: Savannah Chrisley/Instagram]
Todd and Julie’s lawyer, however, clapped back a the claims noting there was simply no truth to them. When Todd and Julie adopted Chloe, her biological mother gave up all legal rights to her. So, she doesn’t have any legal rights to take advantage of the situation and take Chloe back.

Naturally, fans can only wonder where Chloe Chrisley is right now. And, how she is doing.

Savannah Chrisley shares update on Chloe, how is she doing?

Now, Chloe Chrisley is 10 years old. So, she’ll be 17 years old when Julie gets out of prison and 22 years old when Todd gets out of prison. As fans know, Savannah Chrisley agreed to step in as legal guardian of both Chloe and her younger brother Grayson. While Grayson is fast approaching adulthood and made it clear during his appearance on Savannah’s podcast that he knows exactly what he was in his future, Chloe still has eight years of childhood left. And, Savannah is now the one responsible for taking care of her.

Fortunately, Savannah Chrisley shared a video clip on her Instagram Stories this week that featured Chloe. While the video clip wasn’t really a detailed update on Chloe, it did give fans a chance to look her over and see how she was doing. Chloe seemed bright-eyed and as happy as she could be given the situation. The sisters appeared to be joking and having a good time. Fans were admittedly relieved to see a smile on Chloe’s face.

Chloe Chrisley - Instagram
Chloe Chrisley – Instagram

Do you think fans might seem more of Chloe Chrisley now that she’s being taken care of by Savannah? Or, do you think she’ll choose to keep her off social media? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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  1. Wishing Savannah much success in taking responsibility for her siblings. May God hold this family close during this time.

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