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‘Sister Wives:’ Christine & Janelle Brown Spin-Off CONFIRMED?

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Sister Wives fans have all but stormed the front doors of the production company behind the TLC series with demands for a spin-off focused on Christine and Janelle Brown’s friendship after ditching Kody. Christine Brown has even admitted during a few different interviews that she was certainly open to the possibility of a spin-off as she thought it could be a lot of fun. The problem is reality TV fans wanting something doesn’t really spawn it into existence. Has TLC heard fans’ demands for a Christine and Janelle spin-off? Will fans get a Sister Wives spin-off without Robyn and Kody as part of the cast list? Keep reading for the scoop!

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Sister Wives: Christine and Janelle Brown Spin-Off Confirmed?

According to an exclusive report from The Sun, a spin-off featuring the scorned former lovers of Kody Brown isn’t such a farfetched idea. In fact, the outlet claims a source close to Janelle and Christine has confirmed they are in “serious talks” with production companies about producing a spin-off series. The source told the outlet: “They are working on it, that’s for sure. It’s in serious talks and development.”

This source also revealed the spin-off series would focus on female empowerment with a heavy focus on what life after polygamy looks like for Christine and Janelle. Moreover, the source confirms the children are completely onboard and some may even consider being a part of the spin-off series. It was not clarified whether they were in talks with TLC or an alternative network. But, most fans assume the network likely has exclusive hooks in Christine and Janelle and first dibs on spin-off material.

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Fans React To Spin-Off Possibility

Sister Wives fans have shouted to the rooftops that they wanted a spin-off focusing on Christine Brown breaking free from Kody and polygamy. (This was a declaration made even before Janelle Brown also separated from Kody). With Janelle also kicking him to the curb, fans admit they would love to watch a series with a spotlight on the relationship Janelle and Christine are able to have without Kody and Robyn draining the life and joy from them.

Sister Wives Season 18 does have a green light and as far as fans know filming is already underway. Christine has also said during an interview that she would not abandon the series as long as they wanted to continue filming it because it was something she agreed to be part of a long time ago.

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Naturally, fans do wonder what Kody and Robyn Brown think of Christine and Janelle snagging a spin-off. Would you watch this spin-off series if it actually happens? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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  1. Would love to see a spin-off with Christine and jennelle. Leave Kody and Robin to be miserable by themselves that show has run it’s course everyone hates them both and it’s no longer a show about polygamy anymore so it should be cancelled. Everyone would much rather see jennelle and Christine and there kids moving on and having fun and being happy

  2. Everyone loves Janelle and Christine and would love to see how happy they are with out bric and brac sour pusses. It will be great to see the kids and how happy they are without all the stress and that so called father and sobyn caused. Bring it on

      1. I would love to see a spin-off with Christine, Janelle and their kids that want to be involved they deserve their own fame and happiness after what they have been through.. I have gone back and watched sister wives from the first season and Kody has lied so much on the last season he was very happy with his first 3 wives until he married Robin go back and watch you will be very surprised..

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