‘Sister Wives’ Fans Beg TLC For A Just Christine Spin-Off

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Sister Wives fans are so impressed with the way Christine handled Kody. He was relentless when she told him she was not only leaving him. She was also leaving Flagstaff and moving back to Utah with their youngest daughter, Truely. Christine’s continued strength and unwillingness to back down ever since has wowed fans and followers. Now, they are practically begging TLC for a Christine spin-off. Yes, she has one where she cooks up tasty treats but it appears they want something more. Read on for the juicy details.

Sister Wives Fans Beg TLC For A Genuine Christine Spin-Off

Although Christine Brown has her show Cooking With Just Christine, fans appear to want more than just that. Therefore, they took to Reddit to beg TLC for something new and exciting from the departed Brown wife. When the former third wife was asked about doing a spin-off, she replied: “As far as a spinoff, dude, I’m totally open, no idea what it looks like, but absolutely, that’d be just fun as heck.” Fans immediately jumped at the possibility this could happen and shared their thoughts.

Christine Brown/YouTube

“i would love to follow christine and her kids in utah!!” one Redditor replied. Another added: “Seriously. They do such fun stuff and look so happy. I think them planning a Gatsby party or Harry Potter banquet would actually be really fun, wholesome TV, unlike the last few seasons of SW.” Christine did plan an elaborate murder-mystery-themed birthday party that Janelle and her daughter, Savanah attended. They also go on so many trips and adventures without Kody’s watchful eye.

Christine Brown/YouTube

Fans also want to see Christine finally going on dates and feeling the love she deserves as well as her and Janelle having fun together. There was also the concept of a podcast where she spills some tea. She could stay behind the camera but make money through a subscription service. The bottom line is that viewers cannot get enough of Christine which should be a lot to the mother of six.

More To Come

This season of Sister Wives still has a lot to unpack. Though Kody has been super careful about not being around Christine and her kids because they travel and are in school, he’s ready to risk it all. There’s a wedding he must attend and it could be potentially dangerous for his immediate circle. As for Christine, she has just told Truely that she is divorced and that they are leaving Flagstaff in last week’s episode. Though the tween was not happy with all of the news, it appears she has more than adapted to her new life in real-time.

Would you like to see a Christine spin-off on TLC? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.



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