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‘Sister Wives’ Peek At Christine Brown’s New Mystery Man?

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Sister Wives fans may have finally gotten a peek at Christine Brown’s new man. The other day, the mother of six revealed that she was in an exclusive relationship. However, she said that she was going to keep him under wraps for the time being. Yet, she could not wait to share him with everyone in the near future. Now, it seems like he has been found but what does he look like? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Peek At Christine Brown’s New Mystery Man?

Christine Brown was feeling off about dating at fifty. She went and sought advice from her followers on Instagram. Furthermore, she added that dating online was incredibly awkward. Then, within a few days, she shared that she had found a man who she was extremely fond of. “He’s wonderful and romantic and so kind and everything I’ve been looking for,” she beamed as she shared some details about this mystery beau. Fans were desperate to know what he looked like and if he was anything like her ex-husband, Kody Brown.

Christine Brown/YouTube
It seems that Backwoods Barbi did some digging and may have found Christine Brown’s new man. At first, she thought it was someone else but that fell through. BB learned that the OG man was married so she went back to the drawing board. She went through Christine’s Instagram and saw Dave Woolley. As it turns out, she follows both of his accounts. To add to this, Dave only follows four people, Christine being one of them. So, she started to piece the puzzle together.

Christine Brown/Backwoods Barbi
[Backwoods Barbi]
Admittedly, this was something that BB wrestled with as she really likes Christine and wanted to respect her privacy. However, she also knows that Christine a public figure and could not keep this news inside of her. As she kept digging, she also learned that he appears to be a widower. His wife has passed within a year or two so he’s single and his profile is very new with Christine liking most of his posts. This is quite possibly the reveal fans have been waiting for.

Will She Show Him Sooner?

Now that the online world has caught wind of Christine Brown’s possible new man, will this make her come out and show him sooner? It would only make sense so that people would stop searching for him and possibly bothering him. Of course, fans are going to have a bunch of questions for whoever she is involved with. They just want to keep Christine safe after all that she has been through. Therefore, it might be best to introduce him and get it over with.

What do you think of Christine Brown’s new beau? Do you think she should share him with the world now that the cat might be out of the bag? Let us know in the comments below.

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