‘Sister Wives’ Why Logan Brown Stepped In As ‘Daddy’

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Sister Wives fans decode why Logan Brown stepped in as daddy. In Season 4 Episode 6 Kody takes his young daughters to the daddy-daughter Valentine’s dance at the children’s school. However, Gwendlyn Brown has an unusual request for her brother Logan Brown. So, what was this request? Plus, how did Logan step in as daddy? Keep reading to find out the details!

Logan Brown Never Had A Proper Childhood

Logan Brown is the eldest of the Brown kids and had to take care of his younger siblings given how Kody was an absent father and Janelle had to be away on her job. The 28-year-old, who is now a married man, had to teach himself to take care of his brothers and sisters. He almost never had a proper childhood and grew up too soon.

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Instead of being the kid that he was, Logan had to get up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for his siblings. More so, he even helped them get ready for school and do all the chores that the adults didn’t pitch in for. Luckily, he had Christine Brown there as the homemaker to help things continue to go smoothly on all fronts.

Gwendlyn Wants Logan Brown As Her Dance Partner

Even for the father-daughter dance on Valentine’s Day, Gwendlyn wanted Logan to be her dance partner. The idea was that Gwen didn’t want to share her date as Kody was spread thin dancing with all his daughters.

On Reddit, fans discussed this scene from the show as one noted, “I love that Logan was a stellar big brother and went to the Daddy/Daughter dance with Gwen. But I hate that he had to be parentified because of his father’s inability to pay adequate attention to all the little girls at once.”

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Another fan added, “As a child whose dad ditch us when I was 3. I hated the idea of Daddy/Daughter dances. But Gwen personally asked Logan to go with her. And I am pretty sure Logan didn’t think it was a chore for him to go.”

Fans Claim Logan Brown Lost Respect For Kody Brown

A third fan clarified how going to the dance was fine and not parentification. However, everything else that happened including Logan taking care of the breakfast and dinner for the kids was clear parentification. Finally, they also talked about Mykelti being used as a free nanny to take care of Robyn’s kids.

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“Logan was parentified. He lost respect for Kody early on. He wouldn’t even look at him on the Hawaii vacation where Kody got on his soap box saying he was the ‘General’ of the family. I think Logan hates his pathetic Dad,” said a fourth fan.

What do you think of Logan Brown going to the dance with Gwendlyn Brown as her date? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with TV Shows Ace for more on Sister Wives!

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