‘Sister Wives’ How Logan Brown Proved Kody Wrong, Big Time

Kody Brown and Logan Brown from TLC and Instagram

Logan Brown hasn’t been part of Sister Wives for quite some time. But even so, many fans wish him the best and all the happiness in the world. This past weekend, he recently married his long-time girlfriend, Michelle Petty. The Brown family attended the wedding — even some of the more estranged members.

Overall, it looked like an incredibly happy occasion. However, fans couldn’t help but notice that Logan really proved his father wrong. Keep reading to see what people had to say.

Logan Brown stayed in Vegas — but he isn’t the only one

When Kody Brown made the choice to uproot his family and move them to Flagstaff from Las Vegas, not many members of the family were on board with the idea. The setup at the time just made sense — all the wives lived in a cul-de-sac and shared a yard. Kody could easily see every family and the children were all near their siblings. Since the Browns lived in Las Vegas for seven years, many of the adult children put down roots there.

Hunter Brown, Logan Brown, and friends from Instagram
Hunter Brown/Instagram

However, Kody argued that none of the kids would stay in Las Vegas and used it as a talking point to convince his wives to move to Flagstaff with him. Redditors recently pointed out that Logan really proved his dad wrong here. He and his wife Michelle built a home in Las Vegas. And they aren’t the only members of the Brown family to settle in Vegas.

“Hunter is back in Las Vegas,” a Redditor wrote, sharing a photo of him along with a woman, presumably his girlfriend. The photo is from Hunter‘s Instagram page.

“Congrats to the hottest newly weds in Vegas! Congratulations @_michellepetty and @logantbro love you both! So excited for the shenanigans to come these next few years!” he titled the post.

Hunter Brown and girlfriend from Instagram
Hunter Brown/Instagram

“Kody Brown ‘none of our kids were ever going to stay in Vegas,'” another Redditor mentioned in the thread.

“Hunter is my favorite personality in this family. His growth during their Vegas move was so inspiring. So many would have folded,” someone else added.

Are you surprised that so many of Kody’s adult children opted to stay in Vegas? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Fans hope to see more of the brothers together

Hopefully, Hunter and Logan Brown will have a great time living near each other. Fans can’t wait to see their antics online.

TLC will put out a brand new episode of Sister Wives this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time. If you want to see what the Browns are up to, don’t forget to catch the new episode. Hunter and Logan probably won’t be making any appearances, but fans can always hope.

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    1. Kody doesn’t seem to have much of a bond with his male offsprings that are mature. He is totally selfish, and very unGodly. He is no stallion, he is nothing but a nag. Knowing there was bubonic plague in the soil, bringing the kids there, with climate change lots of horrible things have been unearthed. The only thing Robyn is afraid of is losing financial support of other wives.

  1. Kody Brown is nothing. Period. Robin is a crybaby. The other gals are amazing. Truly can’t believe they put up with that jerk as long as they did. He is horrific to his children and the mothers of the children. Good riddance. He has the worst hair ever. He will never grow up. He only loves himself.

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