‘Sister Wives’: Hunter Brown Makes Dad Kody Look Like A Clown?

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Kody Brown has 18 children between his wives. Many Sister Wives fans wonder how he has the time to form meaningful relationships with each of them. In actuality, he may not. And it might be entirely possible that he actually does not have meaningful relationships with all of them. One Reddit poster highlighted a clip where Hunter Brown absolutely roasted his dad.

Keep reading to learn more about the exchange that has Sister Wives fans rolling.

Hunter Brown schools his dad over COVID-19 concerns

Reddit users always have opinions on the Sister Wives family. Hunter Brown doesn’t get discussed much, but one Reddit user really loved his behavior in one scene.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

The OP shared a scene where Kody Brown is discussing his concerns about COVID-19 at the beginning of the pandemic. While Kody is rightly concerned about the virus, some of his worries seem to be very misguided.

“Why do I think Hunter is hilarious in this scene 😅” the OP writes.

In the clip, Kody says that the virus can change a person’s entire personality, like a concussion. His wives sit by, looking on in confusion.

“It’s not gonna change who you are,” Hunter retorts in the clip. He claps back at Kody and says that he makes it sound like a person would get the virus and suffer from mental illness forever.

“This is the same guy who thinks hormones are transferred from person to person lol no wonder the nursing student laughed him off,” wrote another Reddit user.

“Kody: This virus will change who you are! It’ll ruin your life! Also Kody: I don’t know what this virus is about,” wrote another Reddit user.

Many Reddit users agreed that Hunter Brown absolutely made his father look foolish in the scene. And it’s immediately apparent that Hunter and Kody probably don’t have the strongest relationship.

Sister Wives fans believe that Kody Brown doesn’t care much for his adult children

Now that Hunter Brown is an adult, he’s happily living his own life. In 2020, he graduated from the Air Force Academy, which made his parents very proud. Sadly, his family members weren’t able to attend the graduation ceremony in person. The pandemic and social distancing requirements made that impossible.

His mother Janelle shared that the family managed to watch the graduation ceremony from a live stream instead.

Janelle Brown will always care about each of her children. But now that Hunter is an adult, many Sister Wives fans believe that Kody might not care for him at all. Viewers believe that Kody has a pattern of only caring about his kids while they are children. Once they become adults, he doesn’t try to have much of a relationship with them.

So what do you think of all this? Do you think that Hunter made his dad look ridiculous in the clip shared on Reddit? Leave your ideas in the comments. Keep checking back with TV Shows Ace for the latest information on Sister Wives.

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