Does Kody Brown Care About His Adult Children At All?

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Kody Brown has shown a lot of favoritism towards his younger children, especially his littlest, Ariella. He was adamant he could not take the risk of traveling for Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery. Yet, along with Robyn, they made sure to accommodate Ariella’s demands that everyone gathered for her fifth birthday. The pandemic was still in full force but they took proper precautions and the show went on. Seeing this versus how Kody interacts with his older children, some fans are questioning if he even cares about the grown Browns at all.

Kody Brown: Model Father?

When Sister Wives premiered twelve years ago, the family worked very well together. Kody and his original three wives had a great rotation and he seemed to be invested in being a father. He was seen greeting all twelve of his children with equal enthusiasm and they all appreciated him. While courting Robyn, who lived five hours away, he would often take some of the older kids for the ride. He enjoyed the quality time he got to spend with them and how they bonded. As time went on, he was much more focused on his younger children, mainly the two biological ones he had with Robyn. She entered the marriage with three children from a previous marriage and then they had Solomon.

kody brown - gwendlyn - ysabel instagram,
kody brown – gwendlyn – ysabel instagram

The only times he truly got excited for his older children were when they achieved something big or got married. He even officiated Maddie and Caleb Brush’s marriage and was there when she gave birth. His true colors towards his older children truly came out during the pandemic. He did not want Christine or Janelle to travel at all yet Christine’s justification was she had kids in other states. Kody seemingly forgot about them. Furthermore, he was more than ready to “evict” Gabe and Garrison, his sons with Janelle simply because they were going to school and working outside of the home. He deemed it dangerous and a risk. Yet he hired a nanny for his kids with Robyn and threw the familial fifth birthday bash for Ari.

Where Is The Love?

Kody Brown gushed over Ariella on her birthday and some heard his eleven-year-old daughter, Truely’s sadness in the background. She was the last daughter before Ari came along. Her hurt was palpable. In fact, it is no secret some of his older children have rough relationships with Kody. Now, a Reddit thread has been started over how many of Kody’s older/adult children have a limited relationship with him. “I believe Gabe and Garrison don’t feel the same about him and just try to keep the peace for their mom’s sake. I am pretty confident that all of Christine’s girls have lost respect for him,” one commented. At the tell-all, Kody revealed he and his sons need therapy.

sister wives - brown family
sister wives – brown family

As for the girls, Christine admitted they do struggle to respect someone who has behaved the way he has. Another added: “I doubt he sees Hunter very much. He said his priority was his minor children, but I think he forgot that that includes Savanah, Ysabel (at the time), and Truely. He meant his children with Robyn.” Finally, one Redditor noted: “They’re older now and see him not just as a father, but as a husband and a man. And they’ve lost respect.” It seems there is a lot of work that needs to be done throughout the whole family but it will take Kody admitting his shortcomings and that probably won’t happen.

Do you think Kody cares enough about his older children and can ever mend fences? Let us know in the comments.

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