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‘ABP’ Bear Brown Starts New Animated Series For Kids

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Bear Brown has spent a lot of time over the last few months coming up with ideas to both make money and keep himself busy. His most recent endeavor was something his son suggested to him. Bear is making animated videos of a new character he created called Ouchy the Mousy.

Here is a look at his new videos and where Alaskan Bush People can find them.

Bear Brown creates new animated videos for kids

Bear Brown posted on Instagram on Tuesday that he has started a new animated video series for kids. This is very different from his darker more horror-based live-action videos. This is a character called Ouchy the Mousy and is meant for toddler-aged kids like his older son River.

“My boy really loves talking animals, I guess most kids actually do,” Bear said. “But going through all the learning kid shows on tv there are definitely a lot more than there were when I was a kid, we pretty much just had Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street.”

Bear Brown IG post

This gave Bear the idea to create some animated talking animal videos of his own for River and other toddlers. “my boy, has inspired me to try my hand at making a few short semi-educational cartoons for babies and toddlers myself,” Bear said. With that, he shared three Ouchy the Mousy videos on Instagram for fans. Bear said that Ouchy loves the holidays. He loves to sing, dance, and explore things. And he loves cheese.

Bear also pointed out this is a prototype and he will work on improving it as he goes. The first video had Ouchy singing the “ABC” song. The second video had Ouchy the Mousy talk about looking out the window and seeing how beautiful the world is. It was mostly about colors. Finally, the third video had Mousy singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Bear used a voice modifier to create a unique voice.

While Bear didn’t leave a link, he did say that Ouchy the Mousy was on YouTube and fans can follow him at @ouchythemousy4954 for more videos.

Bear Brown is trying to become an entrepreneur

While a lot of the comments were positive on Instagram, others mocked Bear for the videos. Some called them “creepy” and at least one person made fun of Bear for trying to find ways to make money online.

While this is true, it is not really something to mock. Bear Brown is just trying to find a way to make money outside of Alaskan Bush People. He has tried to come up with t-shirt ideas to sell, and while he never seemed to move forward with those, it was something fans seemed to like.

Finally, Bear and his family joined Cameo. Bear is the lowest-priced of his family, and he is an incredible deal compared to other reality stars. At least he is trying to make it on his own.

What did you think of the Bear Brown Ouchy the Mousy videos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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