‘SW:’ Truely Brown Flaunts Edgy Fashion Sense

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Sister Wives star Truely Brown flaunted her edgy fashion sense at her sister Gwendlyn Brown’s engagement party. While it was a special day for Gwendlyn and her fiancée Beatriz Queiroz, all eyes were on a new and evolved Truely. The 12-year-old shocked fans with a surprising makeover. So, what is this new look Truely debuted on her sister’s engagement? Keep reading to find out the details!

Truely Brown Flaunts A Punk Rock Glam Look

Back in December, Gwendlyn shared the happy news with fans announcing that she is engaged to her girlfriend of eight months. She shared several pictures from the snowy outdoor proposal. Over the weekend, the entire family got together for Gwendlyn’s engagement party and Truely showed her complete punk rock glam look.

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In a photo dump by the soon-to-be bride on Instagram, Truely posed alongside her sisters Ysabel, Mykelti, and Aspyn Brown. Also in the picture was their mother Christine Brown and Mykelti’s twins. However, what caught fans’ eyes was how different Truely looked in the pictures. Even Gwendlyn pointed out the same in the caption and wrote, “Engagement party pics w our maids of honor and sisters. Truely is serving edgy.”

Truely Brown Flaunts Fake Arm Tattoos And Blue Hair

Christine Brown’s youngest daughter wore a sheer black button-up shirt paired with a white tank top underneath along with a purple-colored skirt. The sleeves on the sheer shirt gave the illusion that the pre-teen was wearing tattoos on her arms. Not just that, she also changed her hair color to blue and wore a gray ski cap. She completed her look with skeleton-patterned black leggings.

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In the comments section, fans compared the pre-teen to Wednesday Adams as one wrote, “I love the ‘Wednesday Adams’ spirit of Truely.”

Another added, “I want to be 1% as cool as Truely.”

A third quipped, “Not Truely with the arm tatts.”

“You girls and your mom are always posting pics of the girls. But where is Paedon?” asked a fourth fan.

Paedon Brown Didn’t Attend Gwendlyn’s Engagement Party

Back in November, Gwendlyn Brown opened up about her relationship with her brother Paedon Brown. In a Q&A session, she confirmed that they haven’t talked since a physical altercation occurred between the two when they were teens. The 21-year-old even revealed that she can never have a good relationship with her brother and referred to him as Christine’s son.

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Gwendlyn explained that she has forgiven her brother multiple times and is also seeing a professional to heal from the trauma. However, she confirmed that there is, “No path for him back in my life at all, especially since he hasn’t changed at all. He is still the sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, violent abuser that he always has been for several years.” This is why fans think Paedon was missing from her engagement party.

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