Gwendlyn Brown’s Fiancée Stops Her From Something ’Crazy’

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Gwendlyn Brown was about to do something “crazy.” However, her fiancee Beatriz Queiroz came home at the exact right time and was able to stop her. So, what was Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter prepping herself to do? More so, what prompted her to want to do something off the wall? Read on for more details.

Gwendlyn Brown’s Fiancé Stops Her From Something ’Crazy’

There is nothing like an unexpected mishap to make you contemplate doing something out of the ordinary. Sister Wives daughter, Gwendlyn learned this all too well. As she shared in her Instagram story, she was at home by herself. Suddenly, the twenty-one-year-old realized that she had gotten her hair caught in her sweater. This made her see what she would look like if she cut her hair shorter again.

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She really liked the way that she looked with shorter hair and was almost ready to take the leap. Then, her fiancee, Beatriz arrived home, therefore she could not go “crazy” and chop all of her hair off. It seems that Gwen was more frustrated than relieved but maybe she needed some impulse control. More so, it appears that they really do balance each other out. The ladies started dating in April and proceeded to take a road trip together.

Gwendlyn Brown/IG

Then, they announced that they were moving in together after only four months. At that time, her family, such as her sister Mykelti Padron and Ysabel definitely approved of their relationship. Even Leon Brown’s partner, Audrey Kriss has consistently sent her love. Finally, at the end of November, Gwen and Beatriz announced their engagement. Originally, it was just shared on Gwen’s Patreon then it made it to her social media.

Thriving & Surviving

Gwendlyn Brown has been much more of a presence during Season 17 of Sister Wives. Her mother, Christine addressed Gwen’s sexuality and the moment she knew she was bisexual. Moreover, she seemed extremely accepting of her daughter and the life she wanted to live. She even went so far as wanting to keep her Flagstaff home so that Gwen would have a place to stay while in college. Unfortunately, Christine did end up selling her home and moving to Utah.

This did not seem to hurt Gwen though she admitted she would miss her younger sister, Ysabel the most as she headed to North Carolina. Gwen has gone on to be quite successful with her openness and candid revelations about her family. She started a Patreon and her family trauma led to her getting verified on Instagram. All she has to do is figure out the hair situation and she will be golden.

Do you think Gwendlyn should chop her hair again or is it a good thing her fiancee came home when she did? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.



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