Dale Moss Gushes Over Galey Alix, Talks Clare Crawley Wedding

Dale Galey and Clare

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley had a whirlwind romance and now he’s talking about her marriage. He was a contestant on her season of The Bachelorette, and no one else stood a chance. She left with him and Tayshia Adams took over as the lead. Dale and Clare shared their relationship with the world through social media and fans were rooting for them. They liked the idea of love at first sight, when you know, you know, romance.

After a bit of a rocky time, the two called it quits and moved on with their lives. Clare recently married her boyfriend of over a year, Ryan Dawkins. Dale has been happily dating Galey Alix for almost a year. He recently commented on Clare’s wedding and his relationship.

Dale Moss Is Focused On His Own Relationship

Dale Moss was asked by US Weekly how he felt about Clare getting married. Crawley got married on the first day of February and the pictures were beautiful. Dale said he had nothing but positive vibes to send to her. He gushed about his girlfriend Galey and his focus.

dale moss , tiktok
Dale Moss, TikTok

He said that’s their relationship but, “I’m solely focused on mine, but again, I wish nothing but the best.” About his girlfriend, he said she’s the most gifted and hardworking woman who gives him her full support.

After he and Clare split in September 2020, Dale had some time to be single. The news came out in June of the next year that he was seeing Alix. Galey heard him on a podcast before he went on the show and DMed him after the breakup. He said it was surprising he even saw it because he never checks his DMs. It was meant to be.

How They Met And Valentine’s Day Plans

When asked if she could possibly be his fiancé soon, he simply said he’d make her, “very happy,” on Valentine’s Day. He said he’s very grateful for everything in his life. He feels, “having that type of support and someone by your side is definitely special.”

They sweetly wished each other happy birthdays on their Instagrams. Dale said he had “found a sense of home I’ve never experienced before through your love.” She said happy birthday to the man, “whose laugh I’ll never tire of hearing. I’m so happy you exist.” Galey is a Wall Street exec so she’s outside the scope of reality television and it has been grounding for Moss.

Dale Moss, Instagram
Dale Moss, Instagram

What do you think of Dale’s new relationship? Are you happy for Dale Moss and Clare Crawley since they’ve been able to find their people? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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