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Clare Crawley Emotional Discussing Dale Moss, Ryan Dawkins

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Former Bachelorette Clare Crawley stopped by Bachelor Happy Hour to talk about old and new relationships. Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young talked to Clare about many things including the undeniable glow surrounding her. Clare also talked about how proud she is of where she came from and where she is now. Keep reading to find out more.

Clare Crawley gets emotional

Clare Crawley has been a part of Bachelor Nation for many years. She first gained popularity when she told off former Bachelor Juan Pablo. When she was finally The Bachelorette, Clare very quickly fell in love with Dale Moss. In fact, she ended her season after two weeks because she only wanted to be with Dale. She and Dale were on and off again a few times before finally calling it quits for good.

Bachelor Nation shared what Clare had to say about that dark time in her life. She shared why that broken engagement hurt her so deeply. She said, “I was so upset for so long about my previous relationship because you took that moment and that time away from me and my mom. That was special and I had been waiting to share it with my mom, and my dad hasn’t been able to be around for that. Obviously, he’s there in spirit but not physically to witness a proposal. I felt robbed of that before and taken advantage of that before and used for that.”

Clare shared that Ryan made her dreams come true. He proposed to her twice. Once which everyone saw in the beautiful video and another in front of her mom. She said she wasn’t expecting the second proposal.  She said, “Anything with my mom, who’s still in hospice for dementia and Alzheimer’s, is so valuable because time is so limited. There was a point a year and a half ago where we thought it was the end. This is gonna make me cry, because I never thought that moment was possible.”

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The glow everyone sees

Clare explained the glow she now has. She said,  “After the end of my previous relationship and engagement, I was in a really dark place post-relationship. The glow you see now is not because of my engagement or relationship. It’s not because of anything other than the tears, sweat, and energy I put into healing myself and continuing on the healing journey.”

Clare explained it is important for her to say that through therapy she did a lot of work and it has nothing to do with being in a relationship. To her a loving relationship is an added bonus.

She wants everyone to know that they can get through anything and they should be happy with who they are. It took her a long time to be comfortable in her own skin. She’s proud of who she is now and going through some very public relationships helped to shape her and build her strength.

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Clare said, “Being on the shows multiple times or feeling like a failure when things didn’t work out or just being some TV personality is not what this is for me. This show and going on was a part of my life. Successful or not successful didn’t matter because it was successful in my eyes. It changed the trajectory of my future.”

What do you think about Clare’s long journey to love and to find herself?

Stay tuned for more updates on Clare.


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