Kim’s Daughter North West On Path To Be Just Like Kanye?

Left: Kim Kardashian & North West, Right: Kanye West [Sources: Instagram | YouTube]

Fans noticed that North West is on a path to being just like her father Kanye. While she has become her own person, she is mimicking her famous father more lately. Keep on reading to learn more and to see the new details.

North West mimics her father Kanye

In a new TikTok video, North West hid in her mom’s bathroom. She mimicked a popular song from the rapper. In the 48-second clip, North perfected her lip-syncing skills. She filmed herself wearing bold blue sunglasses and a white “Visions” T-shirt. The nine-year-old rocked her curly wet hair as she moved from side to side.

North West [Kim Kardashian | Instagram]
[Kim Kardashian | Instagram]
North lip-synced along to the single “Stronger,” in which her father Kanye sampled the Daft Punk track “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” in 2007. The song then switches over to the “Harder, Better, Faster, Whopper” remix created by Wood420. North looked confident and proud of herself in the video.


Hi hopped into a coffee shop

♬ Coffee Shop Bop – Sarah Maddack Bell

The oldest daughter removed her sunglasses and replaced them with the studded baseball cap. She threw it on and wore it to the side as she stuck her tongue out. Next, she held up her arm and flexed her muscles as she showed off her own strength. Comments on the TikTok video were turned off.

However, some fans have a feeling that North West is on the track to becoming more like her father. She has been sharing more support for him after his divorce from Kim. It also seems like her mom goes along with it. Last month, North dressed up like her father.

Kim Kardashian faces backlash for another TikTok video

Kim received backlash for allowing North West to dress like her ex-husband. He’s been at the center of controversy for many months. Most of them stemmed from his anti-semitic comments. Kim was previously slammed for being “out of touch” and branding herself as a “workaholic,” which hasn’t helped her case.

North West previously took to TikTok to dress up like her father. She used makeup to make herself impersonate him. North used to contour around her hairline and jawline to mimic his facial shape and drew a beard and thick eyebrows. She wore his signature black hooded sweatshirt and knit beanie.


♬ Bound – 𝓐 ♡ 𝓜

Kim appeared in the video with North. She wraps her arms around her daughter as Ye’s “Bound 2” plays in the background. Fans remember when Kim appeared nude in the 2013 music video. She straddled Kanye and wrapped her arms around him as he rode a motorcycle.

Some fans on Reddit argued that the TikTok video was “inappropriate.” Others were freaked out by North West dressed as her father. Some called the video “weird AF” and “uncomfortable.” They don’t understand why Kim would act sexy with her young daughter.

What are your thoughts? Do you think North West is on track to become like Kanye? Or, do you think it’s just a phase? Sound off below in the comment section.

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