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Is North West On A Mission To Get Kim Kardashian Canceled?

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Kim Kardashian’s eldest daughter North West is without a doubt the most popular Kardashian kid. The 9-year-old is a carbon copy of her father, Kanye West. Just like the American rapper, it seems the young one loves to call her mother out on her wrongdoings. While in the past she has made fun of Kim in her TikTok videos, this time, she posted a disturbing video that was later deleted by Kim. What was this video about? Why does North love to show fans the dark side of Kim Kardashian? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kim Kardashian Deletes North West’s Disturbing TikTok Video

Ahead of Christmas, North posted a TikTok video of the reality star’s dogs, Sake, and Sushi, playing inside a gated playpen in their garage. The enclosure also included food, multiple blankets, water bowls, and a small Christmas tree.

North West Kim Kardashian Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

The video was captioned, “Christmas time for the dogs” with the song, Baby It’s Cold Outside playing in the background. However, the post didn’t stay up for long seeing how the mother-daughter duo share the TikTok profile giving Kim Kardashian all rights to control what goes and what doesn’t.

Kardashian Fans Want Kim Kardashian To Rehome Her Dogs

Yet, some fans managed to save the clip and shared it on TikTok and other forums including Reddit. A fan disappointed at Kim Kardashian’s action wrote, “At that point just rehome the dogs…seriously the garage??? You are a f***ing billionaire miss Kim, those dogs probably don’t go on walks or run around as they should, poor things.”

Kim Kardashian North West TikTok


[Source: TikTok]

“Kim hates pets. I remember when in one of the old episodes someone said the dog was sleeping in bed with them and Kim was shocked and said it was disgusting (or something like that). Then she freaked out when North got a hamster,” claimed another recalling the time when she dated Kris Humpries.

A third fan added how pets are nothing but accessories to the family. They wrote, “Animals have always and will always be accessories to this family. Of course, her dogs are tucked away in a cupboard, just like the rest of her accessory items.”

Is Kanye West Controlling North To Expose Kim?

Regardless of how hard North tries to skip the paparazzi, she will always be the center of attention. And now that she has realized it, it seems she will leave no stone unturned to reveal what really goes on behind the glitz and glamour of the Kardashian lifestyle. At this point, fans also claim that her father Kanye is the one pulling the strings to ensure Kim Kardashian is exposed by her very own daughter.

North West Kanye West Kim Kardashian YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Do you think Kanye has passed down his no-filter attitude to his eldest daughter? Will North West bring an end to Kim Kardashian’s career with these BTS revelations? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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