Kim Kardashian Transforms Into Kylie Jenner, Fans Flip Out!

Kim Kardashian YouTube

Kim Kardashian’s latest transformation on TikTok has creeped out fans. The mother of four recently shared her new avatar as Kylie Jenner on her TikTok account she shared with her daughter North West. Why did she transform into Kylie? Keep reading to find out the details!

North West Transforms Kim Kardashian With A Kylie Filter

While the reality star is doubling down on her efforts to become a lawyer, she does love to spend some fun time with her daughter, North. The 9-year-old has a flair for makeup and is often seen experimenting on Kim with her skills. The mother-daughter duo shared the transformation clip with their 11.6 Million followers.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Using a cheeky and cute Kylie filter, the young one turned her mother into her sister Kylie. The TikTok clip started with North holding a pencil to the SKIMS owners’ arm. She then tapped the pencil to Kim’s face and it transformed into her make-up mogul sister.

The SKNN owner lip-synced on a voiceover of Jenner’s real voice saying, “My name is Kylie Jenner.”

Fans Claim Kim Kardashian’s Transformation Clip Was Terrifying

Although the clip bagged more than 1.2 Million likes in just few hours, fans are freaked out over the creepy clip. So much so, that some fans even dubbed the clip terrifying.

Kim Kardashian TikTok

[Source: TikTok]

Comments on the TikTok video have been disabled. However, fans shared the clip on Reddit as one wrote, “jfc the hair, she looks like she is in prison.”

“This is terrifying,” said another.

A third claimed, “North was making me nervous.”

Fans Call Out Kylie Jenner For Lazy Advertising

While Kim Kardashian is creeping fans with her transformation, her sister Kylie has been slammed for being lazy on Instagram. The 25-year-old took to her social media handle to promote a sparkling hydration drink named GLOW. In the picture, Kylie glammed up in a sensuous sheer black dress topped with a designer leather jacket. The mother of two closed her eyes as she held the bottle of GLOW to her mouth.

Kylie Jenner Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

However, fans called her out for lazy advertising as they pointed out she didn’t even remove the lid to sip the drink. One wrote, “Doing anything but drinking the product.”

The Kylie Cosmetics owner also shared another picture in the same outfit as she gazed naughtily at the camera. In the picture, she smeared her thick red lipstick across her mouth with her fingers and captioned it with just an “Oops.”

Kylie Jenner Wraps Her Gifts With A Special Wrapping Paper

In another picture, the reality star showed off her gifts that she recently wrapped with a special wrapping paper. The Hulu star selected the paper that had Mary and baby Jesus on it. However, fans feel the choice wasn’t right as it would feel weird tearing off the picture.

Kylie Jenner Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s latest TikTok transformation? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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