Fans Floored As Kim Kardashian Disrespects North West: Video

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Kim Kardashian’s 332M Instagram followers are floored as she seemingly disrespects her daughter North West in a Halloween video she uploaded to her profile a little less than 24 hours ago. The beauty mogul explained at the beginning of the video that she wanted to show off her Halloween decor for this year.

Kim Kardashian opted for a skeleton and mummy theme that was void of any color. She revealed two large trees made out of pieces of skeletons. She also had an archway across the front door made out of the same skeleton pieces.

Bringing the colorless undead theme together, the pathway leading up to her house featured a cluster of white hands coming out of the ground. Kim explained she had a hand molding party where anyone who wanted to could come over and mold a hand for her yard. She proceeded to identify several of the hands on the ground.

North West With Kim Kardashian [Credit Kim Kardashian/Instagram]
[Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram]
North West, who was apparently following behind her mother, could be heard speaking in the background while she showed off the hands in the ground. Kim, however, was quick to shut North West down in a way that her Instagram followers considered to be pretty rude.

Instagram floored as Kim Kardashian disrespects North West

Excitedly, it sounded as if North West just wanted to tell Kim Kardashian’s followers which hand in the yard was hers. Kim, however, didn’t seem too happy with her daughter North trying to step into the spotlight. And, she was pretty quick to shut her daughter down and encourage her not to speak anymore.

Kim Kardashian - Instagram
Kim Kardashian – Instagram

Kim said trying to acknowledge and dismiss her daughter at the same time: “Okay, North. We hear you, we see yours.”

The frustrated mother told North to “stop it” when she continued to try to speak. Kim’s followers thought it was ironic that Kim ended up requesting North West’s help shortly after shutting her down. Going into the house to show the decorations inside, Kim asked her daughter to open the front door.

Kim Kardashian - Instagram
Kim Kardashian – Instagram

In the comments of the video, one follower noted it felt like North West was in the background of the video asking her mother if she could speak. Another fan chimed in joking that Kim Kardashian shut her daughter down because she wasn’t willing to share the moment with her child. Here’s what some other fans had to say about the moment:

  • “Kim was like nah, I’m the main character always.”
  • “You shut up North.”
  • “always!!! That kid cracks me up. She reminds me of loyalty.”

Check out the Instagram video down below:


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Overall, fans were a bit disgusted at Kim Kardashian for shutting her daughter down. Did you think Kim was disrespecting her daughter in this video? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Kardashian news.

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