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‘Survivor’ 44: More Cast Details Revealed

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Survivor Season 44 is just around the corner with March 1st rapidly approaching. Just ahead of the new season, we’re finally getting a more in-depth look at the new castaways. Cast photos, introduction interviews, and biographies have hit the internet detailing these 18 new participants going for the title of Sole Survivor. So let’s take a look at these new details to determine who’s already standing out from the pack. Maybe we can get our early predictions in on who’s going to withstand the 26 days and make it to the end.

The Season 44 Cast

For anyone unaware, yes, this is another completely new cast. Survivor has been focusing on non-returnee seasons since Season 40: Winners At War. So these 18 new contestants are all brand new to the game, but the majority appear to be superfans. We have a lot of interesting new faces, including one that many are hoping to be the spiritual successor to Season 37’s Christian. That is Carson Garrett, a 20-year-old NASA engineering student.

carson garrett survivor season 44
Carson Garrett, one of the new cast members on Season 44 of ‘Survivor’

Carson even mentions in his introduction interview that the player he identifies the most with is Christian.

“Christian embraced his quirks and nerdiness to disarm his opponents into wanting to work with him. He used his charm and intelligence as a weapon, and despite being labeled as the ‘weakest’ male on the David tribe initially, he became one of the biggest threats after the merge,” Carson said in the interview.

We’re also getting a couple of new castaways this season who are already familiar with island life. That’s because they come from the US territory of Puerto Rico. Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho is actually the very first current resident of Puerto Rico to compete in Survivor history.

heidi lagares survivor season 44
Heidi Lagares, one of the new cast members on Season 44 of ‘Survivor’

Heidi Lagares lives in the mainland US now, but she grew up in Puerto Rico. She also is keen to play like fellow Puerto Rican and two-time winner Sandra Diaz-Twine.

“I absolutely love Sandra. I am from Puerto Rico and if I can be half as good as her that means I will win once,” Heidi said in her interview.

Survivor Returns

Season 44 will closely mirror Season 43 of Survivor. It’s continuing the trend that began with Season 41 of filming two seasons with the same format back-to-back. It makes for an interesting addition to the social experiment. Watching how the same twist can be approached in multiple ways when different groups or individuals deal with it. We’ll see how the challenges of Season 43 are dealt with in Season 44 this March. Until then, we have nothing but the new season of Australian Survivor to keep us company.

Survivor Season 44 is hitting CBS and Paramount Plus with its premiere on March 1st.

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