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‘Survivor’ 43 Finale Receives Controversial Takes

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The Survivor Season 43 finale came and went this past week and the fandom is in shock at the results. It was far from the finale people were expecting. And in the wake of this strange and unexpected season, many are left with some hot thoughts. The opinions of the fans, as always, are all over the place. Most Survivor seasons end with half of social media decrying it as the worst season of all time and the other claiming it as one of the best. It’s the Survivor players themselves who can best illustrate the feelings many share after this newest finale. From Parvati to Rick Devens to the cast of the season themselves.

The Winner Of Survivor 43

final 3 survivor 43
Gabler, Cassidy, and Owen, the final 3 of ‘Survivor’ 43

After being something of a walking meme for the entire season, Mike Gabler himself pulled out the Survivor 43 winner’s title. The jury’s reasoning came down to his strong and lovable social game combined with his fluid ability to reason out his game at the final tribal council. For some fans and former players, though, this reasoning just is not good enough. Legendary player Parvati Shallow left a comment on 43 runner-up Cassidy’s Instagram to express her condolences and support.

“Girl. I’m mad. You played it well and deserved the win. I’m mad we didn’t really get to see your full story.”

Several fans blame a “bitter jury” for giving the win to Gabler instead of Cassidy, who many believe had the better game. Cassidy’s singular jury vote came from one of her closest in-game allies James. When asked on Twitter by a fan if James thinks gender was a factor in the jury’s decision to pick Gabler over Cassidy, James said no. Many aren’t agreeing with this, though. Even Cassidy herself said on an episode of Rob Has A Podcast that if a man played her game they would have won.

Rick Devens, one of the biggest players from the Edge Of Extinction season, says that in modern Survivor “You have to give up immunity to be voted a winner”. Referring to the fact that in this new age of final four fire-making, the winner is often the player who chances it in the challenge and wins. It’s certainly a very controversial end to a strange season.

All Aboard For 44

gabler survivor 43
Mike Gabler, the winner of ‘Survivor’ Season 43

The end of Season 43, of course, came with our first look at Season 44. And it looks like it is going to be a wild ride. Front to back the brief promotional video shows off a zany-looking cast who jokes as much as they injure themselves. It seems like it could be the perfect cross-section of what everyone loves about Survivor. Wild personalities duking it out on the beaches of some faraway land. Hopefully, the entire season can live up to the hype that its own promo video is generating.

Survivor Season 44 will be premiering in March of 2023.

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