Shania Twain, 57, Unrecognizable With Shocking Makeover

Shania Twain [Today Show | YouTube]

Shania Twain looks unrecognizable. The country singer got a shocking makeover that doesn’t impress fans much. The 57-year-old turned heads at an event. Keep on reading to learn more and see her look for yourself.

Shania Twain gets a dramatic new look

The singer got a new look for her upcoming album, Queen of Me. Shania Twain was unrecognizable with her new platinum-blonde hair. She had long hair that went down her back. Shania paired her new look with an orange silk jumpsuit, a black leather coat, and a burgundy leather purse.

Shania Twain [CBS | YouTube]
[CBS | YouTube]
The “You’re Still the One” songstress didn’t look like herself. She looked like another pop star or Real Housewife star. Most fans didn’t recognize her at the event. Shania also wore orange lipstick and silver pumps.

Her new album drops on Friday, February 3. Shania Twain stepped out in style by debuting her new platinum blonde hair. She went to the Baileys Hosts Cocktails with Republic Records Artists event at Beauty & Essex. This is the first album that’s produced by the new label.

Her previous albums, Up! and Now, were produced by Mercury Nashville. This new look came after Shania Twain debuted her new pastel pink hairstyle. Some fans couldn’t believe how different she looked.

The Canadian singer last appeared on The Today Show. The co-anchors were excited to have her on the morning show. However, most fans were in shock over her bright pink hair and bold makeup. Shania looked like her normal self when she appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show, but she switched it up yet again.

Posing semi-nude for her new album

During her interview with Kelly Clarkson, Shania opened up about posing semi-nude on her new album. She unveiled two versions of her new album, which showed her riding on top of a black horse in a black sheer gown. On the other album’s cover, she poses topless in just a white skirt, a white cowboy hat, and colorful boots.

“This is the best I’m going to look…so I might as well enjoy it!” Shania Twain shared.

Kelly was amazed by the album covers. She finds nothing wrong with “loving your body.” The singer called it “beautiful” and “amazing,” that Shania feels “comfortable” and looks “free.” The singer admitted that she’s not an exhibitionist but she finds it important to be comfortable in one’s skin.

She ultimately learned how to fall in love with herself. What are your thoughts on Shania Twain’s shocking makeover? Do you like it? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Happy she’s “comfortable” with her body… my opinion.. she doesn’t need to show so much of it to others to be comfortable/proud of herself… at the expense of making others uncomfortable. Yes. She’s beautiful. It’s kind of like … breast feeding is wonderful … fully applaud it… but it doesn’t need to be plastered all over the world (magazine.. tv… social media .. of a full breast showing with a baby latched on) in order to share that it’s wonderful. Some things are sacred .. like the private parts should remain private… even though they are/can be beautiful.

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