‘Today’ Show Host Hoda Kotb Becomes A Spectacle

Hoda Kotb speaking on 'Today' - YouTube, TODAY

Hoda Kotb shared a tense moment with her Today Show co-host Jenna Bush Hager on live television this week. The pair were hosting singer Shaina Twain on Today and played a game of charades. However, when Hoda got an answer wrong, she was mocked mercilessly. Keep reading to see what happened.

Hoda Kotb Doesn’t Know What A Cheetah Is

During a show last week, Shaina Twain and Hoda Kotb partnered up against Allison Williams and Jenna Bush Hager in a game of charades. One of the categories in the game was “animals.”

Toward the end of the round, Hoda was shown a cue card by one of the producers, detailing what she should act out. After seeing the clue, she began to make ape-like movements with her arms. The moderator of the game looked puzzled by Hoda’s movements. “What are you doing? Are you sure you know?” she asked.

Hoda Kotb and Shania Twain on 'Today' - YouTube

Of course, Shaina Twain assumed that the Today Show host was acting out a monkey or even an orangutan. Cackling, Hoda responded to Shaina, “It’s something like that!”

“No, it isn’t!” the moderator shouted out. By this time, everyone on the set was laughing. Hoda started to act out something that resembled a cat, finally, when the time was out.

When Shaina asked what the animal Hoda was acting out was at the end of the game, she was surprised to find out that it was a cheetah. Producers and other people on the set mocked Hoda as Jenna and Allison took over for their turn.

Shaina Twain & Hoda Kotb Win At Charades

When it boiled down to it, Hoda & Shaina won the game of charades against Jenna & Allison, 8 to 7. When the latter pair took the stage for their turn, their category was “scary things.” Over and over again, Hoda Kotb pointed out that Jenna and Allison weren’t following the rules of charades.

Hoda Kotb speaking with Shaina Twain on 'Today' - YouTube

One of the clues was “Clown” and actress Allison Williams made a noise to describe the clue. Hoda immediately butted in, yelling out, “You can’t make noise.” That didn’t stop their team from doing so though. Jenna Bush Hager made several sounds when trying to describe her clues as well.

Hoda shouted out several more times, “NO NOISE!” before telling Jenna that she’d be canceled if she made another noise. “Don’t cancel me, geez,” Jenna said. To which Hoda responded, “Disqualified.”

Fans have speculated whether or not the comments made on air between Hoda Kotb and Jenna are in jest. Many people feel that the pair might not get along behind closed doors. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I loved the two when they started out but I’m sick of all the Middle School girls acting out. Grow up ladies.

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