‘1000-Lb. Best Friends’ Ashely Sutton Provokes Viewers To Rage

Ashley Sutton- TLC

1000-Lb. Best Friends cast member, Ashely Sutton has been working her way to a better and healthier self. During the new season of the show, she and her best friends have started to work together to lose weight. They are pushing themselves like never before. However, after Dr. Procter asked them all to go on a weight loss retreat, Ashley doesn’t seem to be following through with the goals of the retreat.

What Is Ashely Sutton Doing At The Retreat?

As fans have been following 1000-Lb. Best Friends, many of them are concerned about Ashely Sutton’s weight loss. She is currently 50 pounds larger than her friends. In fact, she is having a very tough time with her mobility and this has fans worried about her. Not only that, it doesn’t look as if she is trying as hard as her friends to lose weight. Now that she has gone to the Fit Farm with her friends, fans of the show have started to be very angry with her actions. As she prepared for the retreat, she made sure to get her hair done and look her best. This has led fans to think that she is looking for a man instead of working on her weight loss.

Ashley Sutton- Instagram
Ashley Sutton- Instagram

Meaww shared some of the tweets from fans of 1000-Lb. Best Friends. There were plenty of fans who were shocked at Ashel’s behavior and felt that she needed to keep her eyes on the prize. Many felt that she is very distracted by who she will meet at the Fit Farm. In fact, one wrote, “Um…Ashley went to the Fit Farm with freshly done braids, she ain’t working hard, I see it already.” Another added, “See Ashley… Your focus is already off. You’re not there to look for a man. You’re there to work on yourself.”

1000-Lb. Best Friends Sticking Together

Since this season began, there has been some tension on the show. Fans have brought up some issues that they have seen so far. Similarly, some fans think that Meghan Crumpler could be faking her storyline. She has started to act pretty rudely toward Dr. Procter. She said that he didn’t understand her struggle, but ever since she mentioned this in episode one, she has already changed her tune. Meghan has mentioned that she has been under a lot of stress these days because of planning her wedding.

Not only has Meghan been stressed out, but it also looks as if Ashely has been as well. Ashley recently lost her job, so she hasn’t been doing well with that. All four friends have had a lot of issues to get through, but it looks as if things are going better for them now.

Meghan Crumpler- Instagram
Meghan Crumpler- Instagram

Do you think that Ashely was trying to find a man at the weight loss retreat? Why would she get her hair done to go there? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Plus, stay with TV Shows Ace for more 1000-Lb. Best Friends.

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  1. Tell me you know nothing about black women and black hair without telling me…

    She got her hair done because it’s a protective style… this way she doesn’t have to spend time doing her hair at the retreat.

    Good Lord, people

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