When Does ‘The Last Of Us’ Episode 4 Drop On HBO & HBO Max?

HBO’s post-apocalyptic video game adaptation, The Last Of Us is three episodes in and now fans await Episode 4. With Neil Druckmann as the creator, the series trails the unforgettable journey of the lead characters Joel and Ellie as they try and survive a world ravaged by a horrific fungal outbreak. The show’s first season will have a total of nine episodes, even though the original number was 10. With six more episodes remaining in Season 1, when will the upcoming episode land on HBO and HBO Max? Keep reading to find out the details!

The Last Of Us Episode 3 Focuses On Frank & Bill

The Last Of Us Season 1 Episode 3 took a different turn than the previous two episodes. More so, the latest episode showcased a beautiful tale of romance found in a seemingly hopeless place. It was an episode that was almost action-free and focused on the sadness and love aspect of a post-apocalyptic world. Although the series is primarily dedicated to Joel, Ellie, and their journey, Episode 3 as reported by Meaww, was all about Frank and Bill.

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Episode 3 aired on January 29, 2023, and picks up with the teen Ellie and the gruff smuggler Joel as they resumed their journey following the tragic loss endured in the previous episode. Their mission is now to get Ellie to a rebel group named Fireflies. Given that Ellie is immune to the zombie fungus, it is important that her immunity to the fungus is replicated to restore the world.

Bill & Frank Find Love In A Hopeless Place

On their journey, the duo stops by Joel’s buddy Bill’s home. A flashback reveals how Bill managed to avoid being dragged into the quarantine zone by the US military after the outbreak happened in September 2023. He hid well as his neighbors were caught in the sweep which Ellie and Joel discovered as a horrible mass grave confirming that they were killed.

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Bill’s lonely existence changes forever after Frank, a Baltimore quarantine zone survivor, falls into a trap outside his perimeter. As it turns out, Frank was an absolutely loving guy who easily broke down Bill’s emotional walls as the pair falls in love. They even manage to build a loving life together despite their differing personalities.

When Will The Last Of Us Episode 4 Premiere?

In 2020, Frank is now bound to a wheelchair and Bill is now a loving caregiver. However, soon Frank accepts his fate and informs Bill that it is his last day. The couple’s final hours together play out beautifully in the final few minutes of The Last of Us Episode 3.

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With such a touching episode, it is obvious fans are hungry for more. The Last Of Us Episode 4 will air on Sunday, February 5, 2023, on HBO. Moreover, it will be simulcast on HBO Max as well.

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