‘The Last Of Us’ Breaks Another HBO Record

the last of us episode 3 pedro pascal and nick offerman joel and bill
Nick Davis

The Last Of Us is quickly making itself known as HBO Max’s newest hit show. Fans are now two episodes into the show’s first season and already it has broken multiple records. On top of that, the immediate success of the show has seen a sharp increase in sales for the original game.

So this show is not only pleasing fans of the acclaimed game series. It is bringing in a whole new generation of fans to the game series, as well. Episode 2 marks a major milestone for HBO, a network known for pushing the envelope and breaking boundaries. So what major record has been broken this time by their newest massive hit?

Yet Another HBO Record

The second episode of The Last Of Us is pulling in an even bigger audience than the first episode did. According to the data, Episode 2 got 5.7 million viewers on premiere night. That number is a %22 increase from the numbers for Episode 1’s premiere night.

This breaks a massive record as the biggest growth in audience between Episodes 1 and 2 in HBO’s history. It’s a huge testament to the quality of the show and the power of word of mouth that has brought in so many new viewers to see the second episode’s premiere. Episode 1 has seen a startlingly high increase in viewers as well. Currently, it sits at over 18 million viewers.

the last of us episode 3 nick offerman bill
Nick Offerman as Bill in ‘The Last Of Us’

The success of The Last Of Us on HBO Max is a welcome surprise for many skeptical fans. Many had concerns considering the tumultuous history of video game adaptations in Hollywood. This new record, on top of the recent record the show broke for being the highest-rated video game adaptation, shows that it’s here to stay.

Continued Success For The Last Of Us

Both the show and the video game for The Last Of Us are seeing massive success at the moment. The current numbers are that Part 1 of the video game series The Last Of Us has jumped %238 in sales since the show’s premiere. Absolutely astonishing numbers for a game that is a decade old as of 2023.

The game series has become somewhat controversial in recent years due to certain story points in the sequel. With the HBO show being a huge hit, that same controversy will undoubtedly befall the show when the time comes to adapt the story of The Last Of Us 2. We’ll see how they handle it. Hopefully, they continue to pull in the massive numbers that the first 2 episodes of Season 1 have seen.

the last of us joel and sarah
Pedro Pascal as Joel in ‘The Last Of Us’

The Last Of Us continues to premiere new episodes weekly on HBO Max.

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