HBO’s ‘The Last Of Us’ Is Defying All The Odds

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The Last Of Us has had fans and critics alike of the popular video game series waiting in anticipation. The idea of a show from what many consider one of the greatest narrative video games of all time seems perfect. However, many have been skeptical considering the tumultuous history of video game TV and film adaptations. So we’ve been biding our time and crossing our fingers for the best possible outcome. Episode 1 of the show is out now and it seems like we may have just gotten that outcome.

Breaking All The Odds

The Last Of Us is currently sitting with a nearly perfect audience and critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. 99% percent for critics and 96% for the audience, respectively. This is a record-breaking score for the post-apocalyptic show. Not only is it an impossibly-high score to reach for most TV shows, but it’s also the highest score ever received by a live-action video game adaptation.

the last of us episode 1 joel
Pedro Pascal as Joel in Episode 1 of ‘The Last Of Us’

As aforementioned, the bar for live-action video game performances isn’t particularly high. Most are thought of as abysmal by the majority of critics and casual viewers. For decades now it has felt like Hollywood hates adapting video games. And does everything in its power to ruin any adaptation that comes to its door. This finally feels like the show to break that cycle.

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Granted, the incredibly high score is purely behind the first episode of the series. It’s very likely that the score will fluctuate as the season moves ahead and more episodes come out. Regardless, though, unless the rest of the season spectacularly tanks, it seems very likely that this show will continue to hold the title of the highest-rated live-action video game adaptation.

The Last Of Us


All we’ve seen thus far from the show is the lead-up to Joel and Ellie coming together. The background story gives context to the main story of the season. What’s coming up will presumably cover much of the story from the first entry in The Last Of Us series. It’s unknown at this time how many seasons they’ll dedicate to the first video game’s story. What will be interesting to see is what they do when they’ve made it through the story of The Last Of Us 2. It seems like we’re still a ways away from receiving The Last Of Us 3, so the story may suffer like Game Of Thrones from running out of source material.

The very first episode of The Last Of Us is available now on HBO Max. The next episode is coming on January 22nd.

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