‘Teen Mom’ Tyler Baltierra Slams In-Laws As ‘Toxic’

Teen Mom Cate and Ty - YouTube

Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra has heard enough. When a new feud began between his wife Catelynn Lowell and her family, he stepped up and slammed them for it. Among his comments, he called his inlaws toxic and miserable.

Here is a look at the new feud between Catelynn and her family and what Tyler had to say about it.

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell feuding with sister

Catelynn Lowell said that her sister Sarah had taken to TikTok to post a video slamming the Teen Mom star. In her own video, Catelynn sat in her car and spoke to her fans through her phone. She mentioned that Sarah’s video accused her of faking her PTSD and trauma claims.

Teen Mom Cate and Ty - YouTube

This comes after Lowell announced in 2019 that she suffers from panic disorder and PTSD after back-to-back rehab stints for depression. She then called out her childhood for contributing to her depression and mental health issues. Part of it was shown on Teen Mom, with Catelynn mentioning her dad moving to a different state and her mother having substance abuse issues while she was a child.

However, Sarah said in her video that she didn’t have PTSD so there is no reason that Catelynn should either. “She went on TikTok yesterday and decided to make a video saying that nobody knows my real truth, that my PTSD and trauma are all lies,” Caelynn said in her video. She said they are four years different so Sarah thinks they should have the same experiences from childhood.

“The b*tch does not know she has trauma because she has never worked on her s**t,” Catelynn said. Catelynn then said she helped her sister, let her live with them, and even bought her a brand-new trailer to live in. Despite this, Sarah seemed to still hold something against her sister.

Tyler Baltierra calls out Catelynn’s family as toxic

Tyler Baltierra wasn’t going to sit back and let anyone talk down about his wife. He wouldn’t even stay quiet when it was Catelynn’s own family. “The audacity of some of my in laws is astounding! (however not surprising unfortunately). Especially after everything my wife has done for them,” he wrote.

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Tyler then created his own little checklist of what Catelynn’s family did to her. He wrote that her family stole from her, used her, blackmailed her, degraded her, threatened her, discredited her, and lied about her. He then told fans that Sarah herself stole money from Catelynn during a gift exchange on Christmas.

“They are all just mad that she is thriving, healing, growing & evolving while they stay stagnant in their own misery & fraudulent sense of significance,” he concluded. “Cates intentions remain to be pure (like they always have) while theirs just continues to be TOXIC!”

What are your thoughts about the Teen Mom feud between Catelynn Lowell and her family? Was Tyler right in calling them out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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