Astrid Loch, Kevin Wendt Expecting IVF Baby Number Two

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt are expecting their second baby! The two met on the 5th season of Bachelor in Paradise and remain one of the beach’s success stories. The couple already has a one-year-old son named August.

They are sharing their happy news on their Instagram accounts and getting all the love from fans and Bachelor Nation. The two shared the struggles of conceiving their first child with their followers. As we reported they didn’t share the journey while it was happening. They shared when they were expecting August and  had been through all the struggle. Astrid said one of the first things they talked about when they met was how much they both loved kids. Read on to hear all about their exciting news.

Astrid Loch And Kevin Wendt Shared On Instagram

Astrid Loch shared on her Instagram, “not a pregnancy announcement (yet) but today was transfer day so we’re holding our breath and keeping our fingers crossed.” She said the last time they went through IVF they were scared to share. Astrid shared a picture of the embryo and a video of it being transferred. The first time they tried IVF they had a difficult time. The two experienced an ectopic pregnacy that had to be terminated and experienced sadness and dissappointment. They couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working for them.

Astrid Loch, Instagram

Bachelor nation shared well wishes with the couple for the success of their embryo Emily Ferguson Karlsson said, “sending good vibes.” said, “stick baby stick.” Jade Roper posted lots of red hearts. A week later they shared the above picture. Astrid said her dogs didn’t cooperate, Auggy, her son, tried to eat it and you can’t see the line.” She joked that they tried to take a cute picture.

Kevin Wendt Is A Two Time Baby Daddy

Astrid Loch’s shared in her stories that the test came back positive. This prompted them to celebrate Kevin’s birthday a day early. Astrid thanked everyone who sent them sweet messages.

Kevin Wendt, Instagram

She shared pictures and videos from the wedding on her Instagram this week including a stunning video showing them preparing to get married and then walking down the aisle. They share a first dance, lots of kisses, and their wedding party has a great time. On a cute picture of the two of them with August, Raven Gates wrote, “a vision.” Kristina Schulman said, “These are so so stunning. Timeless moment.”

What do you think about the baby news? How many kids do you think the Bachelor in Paradise couple is going to have? Who do you think will be the next to have a BIP baby? Could be Kenny Braasch and Mari Pipin, Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt, or Serene Russell and Brandon Jones. Comment with your thoughts below.

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