Close-up of Justin Glaze on 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Justin Glaze Nails ‘The Rock’ In Hot Look

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Justin Glaze caused a thrill with his ‘The Rock’ costume a few years back for Halloween. The Bachelor in Paradise star wanted another taste of that sweet victory, so he recreated the look for this Halloween as well. Justin was spot-on as he copied a viral photo of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson from back in his wrestling days. You know which one we’re talking about, the one with the fanny pack.

The Bachelor Nation favorite shared the look in his Instagram Stories and, honestly, we can’t get over how much he nailed it. Take a look for yourself below.

Still of Justin Glaze on 'Bachelor in Paradise.'
Justin Glaze on ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’
[Credit: Bachelor Nation/YouTube]

Justin Glaze Dresses As ‘The Rock’ For Halloween

The 28-year-old channeled The Rock in a black turtleneck shirt with long sleeves. He pulled up the sleeves to the exact length Dwayne Johnson wore them in his viral photo and showed off his matching wristwatch. Justin tucked the shirt into a pair of light-toned blue jeans, secured with a black leather belt. For his final touches, he draped a silver chain around his neck and put on a black fanny pack.

The former Bachelorette contestant snapped a mirror selfie of the final result to share with fans. He added the inspiration photo for comparison. In the caption, he noted the costume was a re-run, which only proves how much he loves this look.

Justin Glaze snaps a mirror selfie in The Rock outfit for Halloween.
Credit: Justin Glaze/Instagram

Justin Wore The Same Outfit For Halloween 2017

The BIP star rocked (pun intended) the same costume five years ago for Halloween. At the time, he was 23. Just like this year, he posted the original photo of Dwayne Johnson on Instagram, along with a picture in which he looked identical to the Red Notice star.

Justin was the spitting image of The Rock, right down to the chain bracelet that was missing from his recent rendition. Even his messy short curls looked copy-pasted right off The Rock’s head. His attention to detail was insane. He posed in the exact same manner, with one hand on the fanny pack and the other leaning on the banister. More so, he even added the folded napkin under his elbow.

Justin Glaze dresses up as The Rock for Halloween 2017.
Credit: Justin Glaze/Instagram

Justin’s Hilarious Ben Affleck Impression

The Baywatch star is not the only actor that Justin has paid tribute to on social media. Back in March, the Bachelor Nation fan-favorite copied a famous Ben Affleck meme for a Visible ad. Clad in dark jeans and a blue sweater, he looked just like the Batman star in a paparazzi photo from 2016. He even pulled off the same facial expression, looking convincingly distressed as she hid away to smoke a cigarette.

“Life update- Mom just kicked me off the family plan 😓…the audacity smh,” Justin began his hilarious Instagram caption. Of course, none of that was true and it was his just clever way of pitching Visible Mobile.

Justin Glaze recreates Ben Affleck meme on Instagram.
Credit: Justin Glaze/Instagram

Fans got a kick out of it in the comments.

  • “And you’re slightly showing the red undershirt?..this is quality.”
  • “Ben Affleck has been through a lot.”
  • “I love how influencer [ads] are getting more and more funny and relatable lol.”

Was Justin a convincing The Rock on Halloween? Which photo did you like more, the recent one or the one from 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

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