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Breaking Down Zena’s Map From ‘Curse Of Oak Island’

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Curse of Oak Island has shown quite a bit of Zena Halpern’s map of the island. This has all the features of the island labeled, but some fans look at the map and wonder about its authenticity. Is it the original or a hand-drawn copy?

One fan of the hit reality show finally set down to break down what is on the map and what it all means.

What is the Zena Halpern map on The Curse of Oak Island?

The one thing that many fans of the show have pointed out is that there is no way this could be the original ancient map of the island and its features. For one thing, it isn’t in the 14th-century script. It looks like something someone might have created in the last few years. However, there is a reason for that.

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

It appears that the guys on Oak Island have said it is the original map run through Google translate. It allows a translation from the original French. However, there are others who say that it is a fake map, created to throw off anyone looking for treasure on the island.

Breaking down Zena’s map on Curse of Oak Island

One Curse of Oak Island fan has looked at the map and has broken down what we know about it. The fan mentioned the fact that there is no way that this is the original map. The script is modern and this is not worn and weathered like the original map would have to be by this point. They also point out that the script is all modern, including the letters S and T.

There are also several errors and oddities that are linguistic in nature based on when the map was supposed to originate from. There is also a problem with the compass rose on the map, which has west at the top. Old maps either had north at the top or east. There are also several French words and terms that made little sense in the context of the map.

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

As a result, the Curse of Oak Island fans determined that there is every indication that the map is recent. They also mentioned it was made by someone with barely a passing familiarity with the French language.

However, when fans discussed this breakdown on Reddit, one fan mentioned a strong possibility. They felt the original translation was from someone with a poor grasp of the French language. They then created a copy of the map without using the right words in every case. This would mean the new map is the same as the old one, but with several linguistic errors in it.

Do you believe Zena’s map is real or a hoax on The Curse of Oak Island? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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