Shotgun Wedding

Is The Location From ‘Shotgun Wedding’ A Real Resort?

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Shotgun Wedding is a new Amazon Prime Video movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel. The entire location is a resort on an island, and many fans wonder if it is a real resort.

Here is where they filmed Shotgun Wedding and whether people can reserve rooms at the resort in the movie.

Is the resort from Shotgun Wedding real?

Shotgun Wedding is a new movie on Amazon Prime Video that features a wedding gone wrong. The story follows a couple played by Jennifer Lopez (Darcy) and Josh Duhamel (Tom) who schedule a tropical wedding to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Shotgun Wedding

However, things go wrong when they prepare for their wedding at the Mahal Island Resort. Pirates arrive on the island and take the wedding party captive. More so, Darcy and Tom end up on the run, and the movie is about how they remain alive during this tough time.

Yet, many fans want to know if the resort from the movie is real and if there is a chance to reserve rooms at the luxurious resort. Yes, the resort is real. No, it is not called the Mahal Island Resort. However, the good news is that people can actually reserve rooms a the resort where the movie was filmed.

Where did they film Shotgun Wedding?

The production shot Shotgun Wedding at the ÀNI Dominican Republic, which is in Rio San Juan in the Dominican Republic. This is a real resort which people can reserve rooms for. However, most people won’t be able to afford to stay here.

The ÀNI Dominican Republic has room for 28 guests and there are 30 staff members onsite to attend to the guests’ every need. This is an all-inclusive resort, which should be based on the price. The minimum amount to book is $15,000 a night for a minimum of five nights. Moreover, this means a five-night stay would run $154,000 minimum.

What is Shotgun Wedding about?

Shotgun Wedding is an action comedy with Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel starring as a couple getting married at a remote island resort. The movie was originally supposed to star Armie Hammer, but he had to leave because of personal issues and Duhamel replaced him.

Joining them in the cast is Jennifer Coolidge as Tom’s mom and Cheech Marin as Darcy’s mom. Also in the movie is Lenny Kravitz as Darcy’s ex-boyfriend Lenny Kravitz.

Things go wrong with armed pirates showing up on the island and holding everyone hostage. The reason here is that they know Darcy’s dad is wealthy and they want him to sign over millions to get out of this alive. Finally, Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect) directed the movie

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