‘Extreme Sisters’ Jordan Overdoes Sister’s Engagement Ring?

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Jordan and Randi are involved with twin brothers on Season 2 of Extreme Sisters. Though Jordan is already married to one, her sister is hopeful to get engaged very soon. The time is coming so Jordan helps Randi’s boyfriend pick out a ring. Unfortunately, she wants the best for her twin but does she go a tad overboard? Read on for more details.

Extreme Sisters Jordan Overdoes Sister’s Engagement Ring?

Jordan and Randi are living their twin dream. These Extreme Sisters are dating twin brothers. Actually, Jordan is already married to one and Randi is dating the other. Randi is preparing to move in with her sister but she feels it can only work if she has a ring on her finger as well. Yes, her boyfriend wants to propose but in his own time. It cannot be on Randi’s time which would be yesterday. Now, it seems like he is ready to take the plunge. Therefore, Jordan will be coming with him to pick out the ring.

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In a clip from TLC, Jordan is with Derek at the jewelry store. They are looking at rings when Jordan tells Derek he needs to up his price. She thinks that he should go to the 35K range and then she proceeds to try the rings on. Derek tells the camera that Jordan already has the ring that she wants. Yes, she is trying to help her sister out but this is something that he s picking for Randi. However, Jordan wants to ensure that her sister gets the best ring possible.

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There is also mention of payment plans so he can go as high as he needs to. It is hard to tell if Jordan is ring shopping for her sister at this point or getting a second chance at picking out her own ring. Yet, it was nice of Derek to include her in the process though he probably did not have much of a choice knowing how close the two girls are. This includes bathing and sleeping together plus licking each other’s teeth.

Do They Get Engaged?

According to Randi’s Instagram, she and Derek got engaged on December 21st, 2021. He proposed with a pear-shaped diamond and they officially got married on May 27th of last year. Therefore, it seems like everything worked out for these Extreme Sisters. Now, it will be interesting to see if they compete to get pregnant first or try to do it together.

Do you think 35K is a bit excessive for an engagement ring or is Jordan just trying to do right by her sister? Let us know and watch Extreme Sisters Mondays on TLC.

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  1. what selfish woman!!! My ring cost 2k.I told him to save the money to buy a house. Asking the man you love to go into debt for a ring is wrong. run dudes run!!!

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