‘Extreme Sisters’: Staged Or The Real Thing?

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Extreme Sisters returns for Season 2 next week. However, fans are questioning if this too-close-for-comfort reality series is just that. Is it actually real or is the show staged for entertainment purposes? These sisters are over the top to the point of being inappropriate but is the TLC series guilty pleasure fake? Read on for more details.

Extreme Sisters: Staged Or The Real Thing?

This TLC reality series is all about the closeness of siblings. However, they can be overly close to where they share a bed, lick each other’s teeth, and bathe together. It is a lot fo for viewers so that makes some wonder if Extreme Sisters is real or staged for entertainment value. Many know that some scenes of reality shows are reshot for production reasons or for continuity. Yet, if they are scripted, that completely devalues the idea of being a reality show.

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According to In Touch Weekly, fans of the series believe that Extreme Sisters purposely pushes the limits. One took to Reddit in 2021 to share this: “Look. I get it. Reality TV is bulls–t. It’s production driven. But for crying out loud AT LEAST TRY. The Australian and Gig Harbor sisters give me real fun fake reality tv vibes.” More so, they went on to say this: “But these Oklahoma girls? With ‘walking’ in on their parents in the hot tub? Ugh. And the fake baby name??? Staaaaaaaaaahp.” Luckily, for that fan, Baylee and Brooke are not coming back for Season 2.

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Other Redditors agreed with this sentiment and believed that the scenes were both “staged” and “fake.” The new sisters are no better with their dramatics but they prove to be like a trainwreck. Viewers will not want to look away. However, the executive producer of the series, Joshua Ackerman had this to say to Distractify: “With a series like Extreme Sisters that explores such deep, lifelong relationships it really comes down to what stories are the most captivating and have the most heart. Viewers will quickly discover how authentic these people are.”

Time Will Tell

Extreme Sisters has only had one season so it still needs more time for fans to decide. Once Season 2 begins and new cast members join the show, viewers will better be able to determine if they feel this series is genuine. However, if they feel, for one second that it is staged or scripted, it will become a Reddit thread. TLC fans are extremely verbal about their thoughts and feelings at all times when it comes to the shows.

Do you think Extreme Sisters is scripted or is it real? Let us know in the comments below.


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