‘Extreme Sisters’ Returns, Premiere Date & Trailer

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Extreme Sisters is back and this season is next level. If you thought last season was interesting, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The cast is all about babies, surrogates, double dating, and a lot of love. Get ready for the ride you never knew you wanted to get on. Here is Season 2 of TLC’s guiltiest pleasure of 2023.

All About Extreme Sisters Season 2

There is such a thing as being too close to your siblings but not according to the cast of Extreme Sisters. These girls are too close to comfort but they like it that way. In the preview from TLC, the girls are seen in baths together, talking about being each other’s surrogates (not so bad), and licking each other’s teeth. Three of them have their own language while one threatens to force her sister’s boyfriend to propose. It all culminates with a home birth but this is all from a preview. Who knows what to expect from the actual hour-long episodes?

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According to Entertainment Tonight, Anna and Lucy as well as Christina and Jessica are back again. The latter are working on their relationship and are ready for the new addition. However, it is not all fun and games as they had hoped. Yes, Jessica has a new playmate in her life but she still feels like she is not a part of the baby excitement like she should be. As for Lucy and Anna, they are taking on fake babies for this season. Though their partner, Ben is constantly by their side, he is starting to grow concerned that they are too desperate to be one.

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Jordan and Randi are living the dream as they date identical twins. Yet, they want to do everything together from engagements to babies but their partners may not be on the same timeline. Next up are Hannah, Katherine, and Nadia. They are 25-year-old triplets but are inseparable in all ways to the point that they speak their own language. Their family even asks them to speak English at the table.

One More, Trailer, & Premiere Date

Finally, the last two on Extreme Sisters are Ashley and Vee. These two are actually stepsisters but their bond is unbreakable. After Ashley had to undergo a hysterectomy, she still wanted to have more children. Of course, she wants Vee to be the surrogate but Vee’s longtime love is not about to let this happen. Who will Vee choose? All of this will be answered when Season 2 of Extreme Sisters premieres on January 23rd.

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It premieres the same night as Season 4 of Darcey and Stacey so it is a whole lot of sisterly love in one evening. Are you ready for the new season? Let us know which siblings you are most looking forward to seeing and don’t miss Extreme Sisters on January 23rd on TLC.

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