‘Extreme Sisters’ Brooke Johnston Threatens Fans After Her Husband

Extreme Sisters Brooke Johnston and Denver

Extreme Sisters fans met Brooke Johnston and Denver and her sister Baylee. Of course, the problem comes as Baylee seems just fine with hopping in bed with her sister and her husband. The lack of alone and intimate time really drives Denver crazy, and that’s why TLC fans wonder if their marriage actually survives. Well, they might struggle a bit, but Brooke won’t stand for flirty fans and she threatened them on Instagram this weekend.

Extreme Sisters stars Brooke Johnston and Denver have issues of a different kind

Baylee seems very close to her sister, but they really also seem like different personalities. So, apart from the awkwardness of a sister hopping in bed with a guy and his wife, they do clash often. In a weird relationship where a sister is that involved in a marriage, it must be very difficult for Denver. Of course, TLC fans watch with amazement at the antics that play out on the show. It all just seems so over the top. Despite sisters clashing and the husband clashing, we reported that mostly they manage.

‘Extreme Sisters’: Brooke’s Bond With Baylee Could Wreck Her Marriage

While many fans of Extreme Sisters think Brooke Johnston and Denver should give it up, clearly she won’t. That became evident when she threatened fans who contact him. However, both sisters get a lot of hate for their unusual relationship. Baylee actually feels it more, but Brookes expected that ahead of the show. While Baylee stays off social media as much as possible, her sister sometimes shares messages with Denver and they laugh about it. Nevertheless, she’s not sounding amused at the moment.

Possessive threat to TLC fans

Meaww reported that Extreme Sisters fans predicted that the marriage simply can’t last. One tweet that they cited said, “if she doesn’t fix these sister issues then all I can see is divorce down the road for [them].”Clearly, a lot of people don’t put their messages out on social media, and instead, they send direct messages. Tired of it, Brooke shared about Denver in her stories. In her post, her caption came with a smiley face, but she might really mean it.

After all, who wants their man seeing loads of messages from other people? Her caption read, “If y’all keep sending Denver flirty DMs and nasty videos, crazy Brooke will come out of hibernation.”

Actually, flirting is bad enough, but dirty videos seem a bit too much. What are your thoughts about Brooke Johnston and Denver putting up with this sort of thing? Would you ever DM a stranger and send them a flirty message? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Extreme Sisters Brooke Johnston Threatens Fans Who Want Her Husband
Credit: Brooke Johnston | Instagram Stories

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