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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown’s Mom Saw Signs & Warned Her Son?

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Sister Wives cast member, Kody Brown worked hard to accomplish his polygamist dream. This is a lifestyle that he has grown accustomed to and wanted his entire life. Christine Brown was the first of three wives to split up from Kody. Shortly after Christine left, Janelle Brown also went her own way. Finally, during the tell-all of Sister Wives, we learned that Meri and Kody Brown had parted ways as well. If Kody wanted to live in a polygamist marriage, it is clear that he did not listen to the warnings from his mother.

Kody Brown’s Mother Warned Him All Along

Kody made sure to tell viewers and his wives that he made a lot of sacrifices to stay in this marriage. The other wives felt that he definitely made it clear who his favorite wife was. Robyn Brown got a lot of backlash for being his favorite, but this seems like it happens in any polygamist marriage. It does seem as if Kody had a lot of warning signs when it came to making this marriage work. In fact, his mother made some statements about it.

Redditors were quick to bring up the fact that his mother did warn him that these marriages would fail. One wrote, “When the family took a trip to Wyoming, Kody’s mom noticed his treatment of his wives. She had a talk with him about how he needed to be fair to all of his wives.” His mother took note of the gifts that he gave his wives. Kody Brown was giving them all different gifts and there were obvious price differences in these gifts. This made it clear, at least to his mother, who was the favorite.

Genielle Brown- TLC
Genielle Brown- TLC

Additionally, many fans took note that Kody’s mother is also part of a polygamist marriage and she knows how each wife should be treated. It does seem as if she knew ahead of time that Kody Brown didn’t know how to share his love and affection with all four wives.

Will Kody Find Another Wife?

Many fans of Sister Wives are curious if Kody Brown will continue to live out his polygamist dream. Will he and Robyn try to find another wife? There are rumors that he has been on dating apps in order to find another wife. None of these rumors have been put to rest, but most fans feel that his time has passed to find another wife. If he truly does want to live out this polygamist dream, he will have to work fast in order to find another woman to add to the marriage.

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Do you think Kody and Robyn will live alone or if they are looking for another wife? We would love to hear your comments below. Stay with Tv Shows Ace for more Sister Wives.

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  1. Kody only wanted the attention that being a polygamist brought, but not the responsibleties. His wives did most of the supporting of the family, and his emotional support for the first three has been 100% crappy! Meri is not someone I would be friends with – but I feIt so sorry for her after the catfishing situation. Mari’s ONLY child had left horne to go to school, most of usinthat time of life share the missing, the worry and the loneliness with the other parent. But dear Kody was having babies With his new “wife” and the other sister wifes were busy with the 4- 5 kids they still had at home. It is called “Empty Nest” and it sucks! But I had mep husband when we dealt weth it. Not a spouse who rubbed it in my face that I only had one child in a society where having 6 or more children is the norm. He got mad at Meri because it was a coevienent way to get rid of a woman that he no longer had a need for. just as telling Christine that he nol onger intended to be intimate with her. I ama member of the normal Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as Morman’s, and there is scripture that tells the husband to continue to be with. his wife although her child bearing years are past. Churstine is only 50, so she is supposed to give up their marriage contract just because he prefers his newer and younger wife? Janelle the same? Kody is a narcissist in a religion that favors the man that makes Kody feel important. He showed his love for attention when he drove to his friends wedding instead of flying to his daughteris side for the surgery and then flying home when she was sape, 2- 3 doup of being gone- so he would not miss anymore time helping the Wife with the nanny or working to support them tham he did by going to the wedding. The difference is he was center of attention there. Do I think heis going to try for a new wife? Of course! It fills his needs for attention and gives him a storyline to keep the TLC bucks coming in. I willonly watch the new season if it features Christine and Janelle. I w sh they would do a spinoff called, “Christine & Janelle, Free at Last”

  2. what about Meri? She was his first wife and the one that helped him find all the other wives! The catfishing thing would never have happened if Kody had treated her right. He got rapped up in Robin and treated all the wives bad. He finally let it out how he felt about Meri after using her all this time for money. Robin even pushed her to stay, knowing that he didn’t love her. Just for money! He will finally get what is coming to him. Robin is right behind him

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